Why a Google penalty removal won’t improve your rankings

Sep 5, 2018 | Search Engine Optimization News

google-fist-300x781 Why a Google penalty removal won't improve your rankingsOK, so here’s the skinny; just because Google gives you tools to use, using them does not make your website any more worthy than the next guy’s website. These tools are more like “assistants”, while they assist you in your SEO efforts, your overall “SEO Plan” is still the major factor in your ranking success. I’ll fall back to what I say everyday, “Content is key!”. And I’ll always praise better content over backlinks. Yes, use the tools, praise your assistants with chocolates and flowers, but stick to the plan and execute it with perfection and you will see ranking success. Enough said, you should still read this SEO garble about the disavow tool and removing penalties since they are tools that will always be in your tool box.

Many people who are new to SEO think that using Google’s disavow link tool will help them to get the high rankings back that they had before Google’s penalty hit their sites. That is not the case. If you want to get your rankings back, there are other things that you have to do.

Why were so many websites penalized?

  • Google’s Penguin update penalized websites by people who confused spamming with search engine optimization. Buying hundreds of links on other websites is not search engine optimization.
  • Using tools that automatically create hundreds to thousands of backlinks on forum sites, blogs and other pages also has nothing to do with search engine optimization. These tools and services are spamming machines.
  • The rankings of websites that used these tools to get high rankings dropped dramatically after Google’s recent updates.

Why Google’s disavow links tool won’t help these websites

  • Google’s disavow link tool enables businesses to inform Google about links that shouldn’t be considered anymore. Before you submit your links to Google’s disavow tool, Google expects that you try to get rid of these links for yourself.
  • When you submit your link lists to Google, they will use that data as a suggestion. Google has made it clear that it will take weeks until you get a reply and that they might or might not use your data.
  • Informing Google about bad links to your website won’t help your rankings. Removing backlinks also won’t help. The reason is very simple:
    1. Your website used to have high rankings because Google used to count the spam backlinks that point to your site as regular links.
    2. Now your website has lower rankings because these spam links don’t count anymore.
  • The previous spam links that led to high rankings on Google either don’t count anymore because Google has detected them or because you removed or disavowed them.
  • It doesn’t help to remove and disavow links that Google already filtered for the search results. You’re just sending Google a confirmation that they found the right links.
  • You might even remove links that have a positive influence on your search engine rankings.

If you want to make sure that your website gets high rankings, you need to get more high quality backlinks that point to your website. So yes, backlinks are still important, so keep working on them, but don’t let them overshadow your work on original content. Don’t look back at bad things that you might have done in the past but focus on doing the right things now.

If you’re going to do it, do it NOW, and do it RIGHT!

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