Website Security: Hiring the Right Body Guard for your Business.

securitymonkey Online Shoplifting? Website Security and what you need to know.Take a look at what exactly website security is and why it is important to your online business. Let’s first put this in perspective- remember the movie “The Bodyguard” where Kevin Costner plays the true and trusted security to Ms. Whitney Houston and would do anything for her? She was an established talent in the media and needed protection from all the corruption that surrounded her. Now, in the technology world once you’ve established yourself as a business of any type of importance there are unfortunately “hackers” out there who want to steal your sunshine and bask in your limelight. They’ll take you out for a lobster dinner and pick up the tab…compliments of your clients credit card information! Here at Maine Hosting Solutions we pride ourselves in being a local bodyguard for our customers. Think that Kevin Costner would ever let Whitney down? We think not. And just like Costner- we will not let YOU down.

Understanding Why Website Security is Important:

An alarming 80% of all information entered online is not safe if you do not have your computer protected. Website security and testing is a critical step that you must take in order to protect your online business and to make it successful. Making the security of your site a top priority is crucial to your credibility as well as the protection of you and your customers. Understanding that and taking the steps to properly implement practices can mean increased sales and much more business.

Whenever you or a customer enters personal information online which can include: credit card information, social security numbers or banking accounts on your website that information has to go through a number of different transits before arriving to the financial institute. En route, that information can be collected by identity thieves which can lead to an extremely messy and inconvenient situation which could have easily been avoided by using an online security method.

Screen-Shot-2011-10-25-at-11.23.05-AM Online Shoplifting? Website Security and what you need to know.

What is a SSL: Secure Lockets Layer:

If you plan on entering into the world of E-Commerce by offering any goods or services on your site- you MUST enable an SSL to keep your information safe. Here is an overview of what an SSL is and what it can do for your business:

  • A Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) is a type of protocol that enables a security system within your site- making online transactions safe.
  • SSL certificates are especially important for any E-Commerce sites where money transactions are taking place.
  • Once personal information is entered on a site- an SSL will encrypt the data and scramble it into random letters, numbers and symbols. By doing this, it makes the info unreadable to anyone trying to intercept.
  • Only the particular SSL you have installed can descramble the useless data and turn it back into readable material once it hits the banks system. It does this by issuing a “key” within your computers server and can lock and unlock personal information as needed or when detected.
  • There are multiple types of SSL certificates you can order and the costs change based on the levels…highest being the most expensive. The cost will be worth it however since more customers will be apt to buy from your site when they feel like their information is being protected. *Secret Tip: Another great benefit of having an SSL certificate if you have a business website is that you can write it off as a tax deduction at the end of year.

Why Hire MHS as a Bodyguard: 

MHS will purchase, install and test your Security Certificate for you. No hassles, not fuss!

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