Website File Changes Monitor 1.7.1: improved UX & other minor improvements

Jan 15, 2021 | Security - Internet, WordPress, and otherwise

website-file-changes-monitor-1-7-1-improved-ux-other-minor-improvements Website File Changes Monitor 1.7.1: improved UX & other minor improvements

Today we are happy to announce the release of Website File Changes Monitor 1.7.1. This is a minor but must-install followup to update 1.7.0. In this update we have improved several aspects of the plugin’s user experience (UX) and also addressed a few issues reported in update 1.7.0. Below is a highlight of what is new and improved in the latest update of our file integrity monitoring WordPress plugin:

Less icons & more automation

In the last update of the plugin we have introduced the new WordPress core repository check. This is used to compare your website’s WordPress core files to the files in the official WordPress repository. With this feature we introduced the concept of allowed files in WordPress core, so if you have files in your website’s WordPress core that are not part of WordPress, you can add them as allowed files so the plugin knows they are legit files.

However, we did not do a good job with the UX. Users had to manually add files to the list of allowed files even after marking the file change as read. In this update we have addressed this; now when you mark a file change as read, if the change is about a non-WordPress core file in WordPress core, it will be automatically added to the list of allowed files. Therefore now users will have less icons and there is more automation.

Other noteworthy updates

Also in this update of the plugin:

  • When you exclude a directory from a file integrity monitoring scan, or add it as an allowed directory, all the file changes reported about files in that directory will be automatically marked as read (even more automation).
  • In version 1.7.0 the plugin sent an email after every scan, even when no file changes were detected. We have disabled this and added a setting that enables this for all those users who still want to receive an email after every file integrity scan.

Update to 1.7.1 for better UX & more automation

Even the updates in this version seem minor, altogether they make the plugin easier to use and improve the overall user experience. They also allow for more automation. So update your install of the Website File Changes Monitor plugin today and benefit from a more comprehensive plugin that enables you to keep an eye on every file change that happens on your WordPress website.

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