vote-for-the-final-winner-in-our-exact-match-naming-contest Vote for the final winner in our “exact match” naming contest

Word cloud of the entries received from Search Engine Land’s exact match renaming contest.

The nominations have been tallied and it’s time to vote for a winner.

Last month, we asked the community to suggest alternative names for Google’s exact match type now that the close variants gate has been busted wide open to allow everything from misspellings to words Google deems to have the same meaning as the original keyword. We received more than 500 responses and nearly 1,000 suggestions.

We’ll have much more to share on the creativity we saw come through, but for now, let’s stay focused on the mission.

Vote now

We tallied up the nominations and narrowed the list down to the most popular suggestions. Now is your time to cast your vote for the winning name! (We must reiterate: This contest has not been sanctioned, endorsed or condoned by Google and does not in any way imply the community’s choice will be adopted by Google or any other entity.)

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