Top 5 Traits of a Successful Landing Page

August 1, 2018

landing-page-tips Theme Builder LayoutIn e-commerce marketing, a landing page is a single page that appears in response to clicking on a search engine optimized search result or online advertisement.

Landing pages are often linked to social media, email campaigns or online advertisements and allow the click through and conversion rates to be analyzed by marketers. The general goal of a landing page is to convert site visitors into sales leads. Almost any business with a website can have a landing page- but what differentiates yours from the others? What makes one successful? This blog post will outline the top 5 traits of designing a successful landing page that will captivate and retain your visitors interest, ultimately resulting in more sales.

Top 5 Tips for a Successful Landing Page:

1. Keep it Simple: Once a visitor clicks on your landing page, you have approximately 5-6 seconds to either keep or lose their attention. Some ways to keep your page attractive and enticing to consumers is simply by sticking to the basics and focusing on the key fundamentals. Color, copy and design can play a huge deciding factor  in whether or not people will stay or leave your page. Most importantly, keep the focus on the offer that the landing page was created for.

2. Create a Positive Experience: Make sure that you do everything in your power to create a lasting positive experience for your visitors- and steer clear of the negatives. Test all of your transactional processes, ensure fast load speeds and do several “walk-throughs” so you can test exactly what customers will be dealing with. If you happen to notice any glitches or slowness in the processing of information- fix it immediately. Provide a strong and fast search feature on your landing page so customers can quickly look up a product. The less work a customer has to do- the better. Less confusion and decision making for your visitor means better conversion rates for your landing page.

3. Effective Design: Make sure your design and content are to the point and easy to read. Get rid of any additional or unwanted links or ads and keep a lot of white space within the area that you want to be noticed first. Make good use of colors, design and images that are relevant and apply to your product. The use of bright colors and extreme graphics is not always the best way to grab eyeballs- at least for good attention that will guarantee returning visits.

4. Socially Popular: It’s important to show customers that you are socially in demand on the internet. A popular webpage using a variety of social media widgets on your landing page is a great way to do this. Try putting up a running tweet window or install a widget to keep and display a running count of Facebook “likes” as well.

5. Consistency is Key: Above all else, remember to be consistent with your landing page in regards to the design, content and call to action (CTA). Visitors tend to judge the professionalism and credibility of a site by its design as much as its functionality. Make sure your landing page reflects whats been used in your other advertising efforts; repeating the same design and text elements is a good way of reinforcing your message and reassuring your visitors.

Creating a successful and effective landing page takes a lot of work but should be the focus for anyone involved with a website. Whether you are a website owner, web designer, web developer or a web marketing specialist you must be aware of the components that construct a solid landing page. After all, this can mean a website’s success or failure.





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