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Local Search Factors are very different from Regional, Global or National Search.

Here’s a quick little explanation of the differences. Local Searches are VERY different than broader Regional, National or Global Searches, ie: the inclusion of City/State/Zip at the beginning or end of a search input (Book Stores vs Book Stores Portland Maine). Once a users enters city, state or zip into a search it becomes a Local Search.

To rank well for Local Search you need to take a different approach to optimizing your webpage for these results. Optimizing for Local, Regional, National and Global results is very difficult as search engines view your ranking factors differently. Without getting too detailed here, we present the ranking factors for Local Search that we feel are important to get the best positions for Local Search Results.

localpin TOP 10 Local Search FactorsTop 10 Local Search Factors

  1. City, State in Landing Page Title
    Hi I’m from {insert location here}
  2. Domain Authority of Website
    Get some links; and then get some more links
  3. Page Authority of Landing Page URL
    Get some deep links; and then get some more deep links
  4. Quality/Authority of Inbound Links to Domain
    Don’t be linking your stinky-a%$ links to my beautiful site b!$ch
  5. Quality/Authority of Inbound Links to Landing Page URL
    And definitely do not pass that rotten juice to my landing page or I’ll send it right back!
  6. Physical Address in City of Search
    I swear this is not a virtual office address. Pinky promise.
  7. Quality/Authority of Structured Citations
    One Yext Powerlisting with extra Dupe Suppression to go please
  8. Product / Service Keyword in Website URL
    Try something like or
  9. Click-Through Rate from Search Results
    Is your listing inviting to click on? Or is it boring?
  10. City, State in Landing Page H1/H2 Tags
    What this really means is use the City, State keywords prominently in the UI. Use whatever damn tag you want.

website-marketing TOP 10 Local Search FactorsAnd here’s the Blog Post Plug: If you’re not ready or don’t have the time or knowhow to optimize your pages let us give you a hand. Check out our Local SEO Services, including GPS Listings to get your website generating more Qualified Traffic.


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