Sell-on-the-Amazon-Marketplace-300x212 How to sell your products on AmazonYour business can reach hundreds of millions of Amazon customers instantly when you sell your products on the Amazon Marketplace.

In the past it has been costly and technically difficult to list your products on Amazon. Amazon has now made it easy for small business owner to leverage the massive amount of visitor traffic that Amazon can provide. There are estimates that Amazon has OVER 100,000,000 registered shoppers.

Currently Amazon is offering TWO types of Amazon Seller Accounts;

1. The Professional – For businesses that are sure they will sell over 40 items per month.

  • Cost: 39.99/mo
  • Plus additional fees – credit card processing

2. The Individual – For those of you that want to test the Amazon’s warm waters. You can always change your account to a Professional at anytime.

  • Cost: $0.99/item
  • Plus additional fees – credit card processing

Signing up: We already had an Amazon account for purchases so we didn’t need to go through entering all our information. After about 4 clicks and verifying our credit card and phone number we were able to start listing products. It was that easy.

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