Behind the scenes Search Engine Optimization for a big return

September 11, 2018

meta-tags Theme Builder LayoutWe’ve repeatledy told you why Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is important.

Basically, it allows your customers to find you online. And it allows more potential customers to find your site before they find your competitor’s.

There are many factors that go into the complex algorithms that determine your search rankings. Here, we’ll share a few important ones to evaluate on your site.

Your Content

  • Think about the search terms you think people will use to find your site. Think about the searches where you want to appear. Make a list of those words and include them in your site content. Weave them into your text repeatedly (but not obnoxiously.) This should happen somewhat automatically, if you have relevant content. But if you’re aware that it’s part of SEO, you can make your content do some more work for you.

Meta Tags

  • Here’s a great description of meta tags. They’re the title, description, and keywords of your website, placed in the code of the site but not visible to visitors. Having the correct meta tags will again increase your search rankings.

Alt Tags

  • When you upload an image to your website, there’s likely a spot asking for an “alt tag.” If you skip over this, your site doesn’t lose any obvious functionality for the average visitor. So it’s tempting to ignore them. However, there are a couple compelling reasons to fill them in each and every time:

Google will penalize you if you don’t have alt tags

  • Your search engine ranking will suffer. Therefore, make sure you include those keywords, the ones you think people will use in searches to find you, in your alt tags.
  • When a blind person uses the computer to read websites aloud, the computer will read the alt tags to tell the person what’s in the picture

Optimizing Tags With WordPress

  • WordPress offers you several tools for optimizing alt tags for images, to your Meta Tags  for title, description and keyphrases to pages.

Check in regularly on these items and you’ll be on your way to higher search rankings.
It’s one important way to maximize your return on the investment in your website!

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