Today we announce Password Policy Manager for WordPress update 1.2, the plugin that enables administrators to enforce strong WordPress passwords.

The highlight of this update is a new hook that allows theme developers to include the password policies in custom pages. In this update we have also included a few minor improvements and enhancements.

Support for custom WordPress login & user profile pages

When users’ change or reset their passwords the plugin shows them the requirements their passwords have to meet. Users cannot change their password if it does not meet the requirements.

password-policies-manager-plugin-update-1-2-support-for-custom-login-pages Password Policies Manager Plugin Update 1.2 – Support For Custom Login Pages

This works out of the box when using the standard WordPress login, password reset and user profile pages. However, on custom user profile, password reset and login pages the policies and checks do not work. And typically the users who have custom pages are those who need this the most. These pages are typically found on eCommerce sites with WooCommerce and similar software.

In this update we introduced the hook ppm_enable_custom_form. WordPress theme developers can use this hook to include the password policies checks in any custom login and password reset pages, including WooCommerce’s user profile pages.

How does the plugin hook work?

The way this works is very simply: call the plugin’s hook on the custom page and plugin checks the users’ password and show the password requirements.

password-policies-manager-plugin-update-1-2-support-for-custom-login-pages-1 Password Policies Manager Plugin Update 1.2 – Support For Custom Login Pages

The hook’s code is available in the Password Policy Manager for WordPress  plugin user guide. You can add it to the custom page or in the functions.php file. Refer to the guide to strong WordPress passwords to get a better understanding of which policies are the most effective.

Ensure your WordPress users use strong passwords!

Don’t let your WordPress website be another statistic! Buy and download the Password Policies for WordPress plugin to ensure the security of your site does not depend on your users’ weak passwords.


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