reputationmgticon Managing Your Online ReputationToday we had a client write in on how to deal with a negative review on Yahoo. My response doesn’t just pertain to Yahoo, but for dealing with negative reviews on any review site such as Yelp, Trip Advisor as well as on social media sites like Facebook and Google+.

Good news for this client is that Yahoo isn’t really know for reviews, so the visibility of the review will most likely be VERY LOW.

Unfortunately there is no way to dispute a review on Yahoo, and most other review sites. This basically protects our First Amendment Right of Free Speech. Be careful not to comment back, or try and defend yourself in social media, it can easily turn into a storm that you don’t want to weather. If you are to comment back be nice, and offer a solution.

The #1 way to deal with a negative review is to overwhelm it with positive reviews.

  • When it comes to small family owned businesses I recommend encouraging your family, friends and employees to go post positive reviews in an effort to bury the negative one. Provide them with a direct link to post a review, assist them with instructions if they will need an account etc… You can also offer incentives for doing so.
  • BUT BE CAREFUL! Don’t get to many 5 Star reviews to fast or it will look unnatural and Google will most likely penalize your for this. Best to ask a few people here and there to add a review.

That’s the best advice we have on dealing with negative reviews.

Online Reputation Management

  • There are numerousOnline Reputation Management services that boast the best Online Reputation Management.
  • Beware that these services are designed to simply MONITOR your reputation by scanning review websites for mentions of their business. Our WebSEO PRO Service also offers Web Buzz Monitoring to alert you of any mention of your Company Name or Web Address anywhere on the internet.

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