now-you-can-segment-google-ads-store-visits-by-new-vs-returning-visitors Now you can segment Google Ads store visits by ‘new vs. returning’ visitors

Advertisers that have store visits data displaying in their Google Ads accounts, can now segment that data to look at new versus returning store visitors.

Why you should care

Advertisers who are measuring store visits from people who have engaged with their Google ads, will be able to analyze how many of those visitors are new or repeat customers.

That segmentation can help advertisers better understand how campaigns are driving incremental store visits or loyalty from past customers. With that information, advertisers can focus budget and bids on the areas that are most important to them.

Store visits reports can be segmented based on the time period you’ve selected for the “customer lapse window.”

More details

  • To report on returning users, you can select a conversion window of: 180 days (this is the default), 90 days, 60 days, custom between 1 and 180 days)
  • Creating a custom column for Store Visits conversions and then segmenting by “new vs. returning customers” under the Conversions drop down is a quick way to see that data.
  • For more on how to see store visits data in Google Ads, see this help center page.
  • Google announced additional updates for store visits at SMX East last week, including the ability to use Smart Bidding.

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