Managing Toxic Links To Your Website

August 22, 2018

toxic-links-finding-and-removing-them-190x168 Theme Builder LayoutToxic Link Identifier: remove bad backlinks that point to your site

Getting rid of bad backlinks that point to your website can be a time-consuming and complicated task. That’s why we developed the Link Disinfection tool.

If your website rankings have been damaged by an SEO service that used shady methods to promote your website, the link disinfection tool can help you a lot.

What exactly does the Toxic Link Identifier tool do?

Google does not like artificial links (paid links, links from automated linking schemes, links that have been created by automated tools, all other artificial links, etc.).

If many of the links that point to your website are artificial, it is likely that Google will penalize your site.


If you have received a notification from Google, the Link Disinfection tool will help you to clean up your backlink profile. It analyzes the backlinks that point to your website and it filters the backlinks that might be suspicious.

Step 1: Check the links that are listed in the Link Disinfection tool list.

  • Click a link in theToxic Link Identifier tool to visit the linking web page. If you don’t want to have a link from the page, click the “Add” link to add the link as a toxic link to the link manager.

toxic-links-tool-1 Theme Builder Layout

Step 2: Contact the owners of the linking websites and ask them to remove the link.

  • Toxic links are marked in red in theToxic Link Identifier. They also have a red beaker icon instead of the regular website favicon.
  • TheToxic Link Identifier can help you to get the contact information of the website owner or webmaster. Use feature to get the contact information of the linking site. Then contact the webmaster of the other site and ask them to remove the link to your page.

Step 3: Submit backlinks to Google’s disavow links tool

Some webmasters won’t remove the spammy links to your website. In addition, many spam websites don’t have any contact information at all. In that case, create a disavow links file and submit it to Google.

no-toxic-links-1 Theme Builder LayoutThe Toxic Link Identifier tool in WebSEO can create the disavow links file for you. Google’s disavow links tool enables you to inform Google about the backlinks that you don’t want. You can use that tool if a website doesn’t want to remove the harmful backlink to your site.

The Toxic Link Identifier is available in the WebSEO PRO plan. Log in to your WebSEO account now to use the Toxic Link Identifier tool or test WebSEO risk-free: Click Here

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