Make Money with Divi: Create an Online Store

Jul 9, 2020 | Everything Divi for WordPress, Search Engine Marketing Tutorials

Online shopping is a multi-billion dollar industry. More people are buying online than ever, making this a great time to build an online store. In this article, we’ll talk about how to make money with Divi by creating an online store.

Divi is a great choice for creating an online store with WordPress. It works great with all of the major eCommerce platforms and it has lots of modules and third-party products designed specifically for eCommerce. The store can be added to your Divi website or it can be the main focus on the site.

Physical vs Digital Products

The products you sell can be physical or digital. Each type has the same needs, such as high-quality photography, well-written product descriptions, marketing through email and social media, and store management. There are advantages to both types of products.

Physical products

Physical products can be products that you create yourself or purchase to resell. Purchase from distributors to sell new products, sell preowned products from local shops, and lots more.

They can be drop-shipped, so you don’t have to store the products yourself or handle the shipping. There are lots of drop-shipping companies to choose from. Sites like Alibaba and AliExpress have plugins that allow you to import their products into your website.

Many sites allow you to create your own designs and art-prints that they’ll place on products, such as tee shirts and coffee mugs. They’ll handle the manufacturing and shipping for you.

Digital Products

Digital products can be created once and then sold over and over again. They can be PDF’s, images, apps, e-books, art, music, layout packs, child themes, plugins, and lots more. Create your own, license them from other creators, or build a site where creators can sell their products.

The advantages of digital products are you don’t have to replenish your stock, store inventory, handle packing and shipping, etc. The sale and download process can be automated.

eCommerce Platforms

There are several eCommerce platforms to choose from for your Divi store. Before making your choice, spend some time developing your business plan and vision for your store. Then, look for the platform that has the store management and marketing features that best match your goals and can scale with your goals.

Here’s a look at our favorites.


make-money-with-divi-create-an-online-store Make Money with Divi: Create an Online Store

WooCommerce is the most popular eCommerce platform for WordPress. It’s free and has lots of free and premium add-ons. Sell physical and digital products. It includes everything you need to manage your online store.

WooCommerce works great with Divi, and Divi has WooCommerce modules to build product pages, a shop module to display WooCommerce products, and WooCommerce post types are options for the Divi Theme Builder. It’s intuitive and there are lots of tutorials and courses across the web, making WooCommerce easy to learn.

Easy Digital Downloads

make-money-with-divi-create-an-online-store-1 Make Money with Divi: Create an Online Store

Easy Digital Downloads was designed specifically for downloadable products. It’s a lot simpler and easier to use than WooCommerce and it includes all of the tools you need to manage your download shop. It has a free version and several premium versions to choose from. There are lots of add-ons available to add features you need. It works great with Divi.


make-money-with-divi-create-an-online-store-2 Make Money with Divi: Create an Online Store

BigCommerce is a scalable and customizable eCommerce platform that hosts your store on their servers and integrates it into your WordPress website. You can even have multiple websites from a single control panel. It’s easy to use and does not charge transaction fees. It’s more limited than WooCommerce, but it does integrate well with Divi and it has less maintenance than WooCommerce.

Divi WooCommerce Modules

make-money-with-divi-create-an-online-store-3 Make Money with Divi: Create an Online Store

If you have WooCommerce activated, then the Divi Builder will include 16 modules specifically for WooCommerce. Display images, meta, breadcrumbs, shopping cart notices, descriptions, galleries, add-to-cart, additional info, ratings, review, related products, upsell, and lots more. They’re great for building custom product pages with the exact features and layout you want and customize the elements with Divi’s controls.

Divi eCommerce Theme Builder Options

make-money-with-divi-create-an-online-store-4 Make Money with Divi: Create an Online Store

The Divi Theme Builder includes template settings for eCommerce custom post types. This includes WooCommerce pages and products, Easy Digital Downloads pages, BigCommerce products, and more. Create and assign templates to the shop, cart, checkout, and account pages, and specify them for all products, specific products, specific downloads, etc. for each of the eCommerce platforms.

Divi eCommerce Child Themes and Layouts

There are lots of products for Divi to help you integrate an eCommerce platform into your Divi website or build a website around eCommerce. Here’s a look at a few products from the Divi Cake shop to help you get your Divi store started. There are also lots of free eCommerce layouts from Elegant Themes available within Divi.

Divi Shopper

make-money-with-divi-create-an-online-store-5 Make Money with Divi: Create an Online Store

Divi Shopper for WooCommerce includes multiple landing pages, Slider Revolution, quadmenu, secondary product thumbnail flipper, quick view, AJAX search, and lots more to create unique online stores.

Divi Fashion

make-money-with-divi-create-an-online-store-6 Make Money with Divi: Create an Online Store

Divi Fashion WooCommerce Child Theme is a multi-purpose child theme. It includes 5 home pages, 5 slider designs, multiple product pages, blogs, etc. It also includes 3 deal of the day and countdown sections, custom add-to-cart design, hover animations, and lots more.


make-money-with-divi-create-an-online-store-7 Make Money with Divi: Create an Online Store

Mercury – Divi WooCommerce Child Theme comes with over 15 pages including all of the WooCommerce pages and includes 4 home pages, 5 shop modules, one-click color options, pre-loader, 25 hamburger icons, mobile menu styles, a styled back-to-top button, and lots more.

Food Store

make-money-with-divi-create-an-online-store-8 Make Money with Divi: Create an Online Store

Food Store was designed for food markets. It comes with 4 home pages and 18 subpages including a store page and all of the WooCommerce pages. Subpages also include multiple About pages, blog layouts, etc.


make-money-with-divi-create-an-online-store-9 Make Money with Divi: Create an Online Store

DiviCIRCUIT for WooCommerce has lots of pages including all of the WooCommerce pages. Special features include a custom animated header, a secondary product thumbnail flipper, a floating cart and menu cart, a sticky wheel menu, product carousels, AJAX search, add to wish list button, quick view button, mega menu, and lots more.

Divi Minimalist Shop

make-money-with-divi-create-an-online-store-10 Make Money with Divi: Create an Online Store

Divi Minimalist Shop has a simple design that’s focused on eCommerce. It comes with 10 page-layouts, a customized mini cart tab, a product hover effect, advanced mobile menu styling, a custom header menu, an Instagram feed, and lots more.


make-money-with-divi-create-an-online-store-11 Make Money with Divi: Create an Online Store

WOO was designed for WooCommerce shops. It has lots of pages and includes product pages, archive pages, custom headers and footers, icons and graphics, and more.

Divi Layouts for WooCommerce

make-money-with-divi-create-an-online-store-12 Make Money with Divi: Create an Online Store

Divi Layouts for WooCommerce is a layout pack for WooCommerce product pages. It comes with 8 page-layouts and 5 product page templates to present your WooCommerce products, so you’ll have lots of page designs to choose from for your WooCommerce store.

Gdo Filter

make-money-with-divi-create-an-online-store-13 Make Money with Divi: Create an Online Store

Gdo Filter is a premium plugin for Divi that adds a new module to the Visual Builder to filter WooCommerce products. The module allows customers to filter your products by category. The filter is completely customizable and includes the standard Divi settings.

Product Navigation

make-money-with-divi-create-an-online-store-14 Make Money with Divi: Create an Online Store

Product Navigation adds a new module to the Visual Builder that adds navigation to WooCommerce product pages so customers can easily move from one product to another. It provides previous and next arrows and you can add your own text. You have lots of control including the product, category, navigation type, filters, animations, and more.

Ending Thoughts

That’s our look at how to make money with Divi by creating an online store. Building an online store does take time and effort. You’ll need to decide the types of products you’ll sell, have a source for your products, manage your store’s inventory and shipping, and more. With the right products, prices, and marketing, starting an online store can be a great investment.

There are lots of platforms to choose from to host the store. Learning the platforms isn’t difficult, but it is another thing to learn. Fortunately, Divi works great with the most popular eCommerce solutions for WordPress and there are lots of Divi products to help you get started.

We want to hear from you. Have you made an online store with Divi? Let us know about your experience in the comments.


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