Is Your Website Sticky Enough?

July 10, 2018

sticky Theme Builder LayoutGreat! So you have a website that is hosted, registered and published. Now you’ve created an opportunity to interact with users and use this to your advantage. You have approximately 7 seconds to hold their interest and keep them on your site before they click the “back” button!

A “sticky” website basically involves keeping the visitors on your website for as long as possible. Convince them that you have what they are looking for and declare it on your website as soon as possible. Apart from that, you can use the following suggestions to keep your website sticky.

Here are the Top 5 Visitor Turnoffs that Could be Harming Your Website:

1. Requiring an Email Address Sign-Up to View Your Site: 

This is the equivalent of requiring people to sign into a brick and mortar store with their contact information before they can enter- NOBODY would actually shop there. Do not put barriers up which block customers from entering easily and with comfort. It’s great to collect information about the visitors on your site, but try an approach that gives the customer some incentive such as signing up for a newsletter, joining a mailing list or “liking” you on Facebook.

2. Visual Overload:

It’s easy to become enamored with the endless possibilities of what your site “could be” opposed to what it “should be” and staying focused on what is really important. Please, do not try to put every single thing your business does on your home page. No one will read every single word on that one page anyway, so aim for clean and simple. Choose tasteful and relevant images and visual displays that do not clutter your site. Just because your programmer can make your logo spin in 3D doesn’t mean that they should. If it’s not essential, don’t do it.

3.  Impossible to Navigate:

Your website needs to be easy to move around; there’s nothing worse than finding a good page, navigating away, and having no idea how to get back. Simple is the key. “Don’t Frustrate the Customer” is the golden rule of sales. Try to use basic navigation that follows current convention to lead visitors through your website. Your website must be compatible with at least the latest couple of versions of all major web browsers, including Firefox, Safari and Chrome. It must also be usable across all types of media including mobile devices.

4. Site is Taking Too Long to Load:

Consumers do not want to wait for a slow-loading website. When building your site a useful rule of thumb is to think about the content first, then the navigation, then design. A slow website will almost definitely turn customers away – before you’ve even had the chance to talk to them. Anything longer than a few seconds, and your visitors will click that back button – and you’ll have lost a customer.
If you don’t need to use a lot of graphics, then don’t. The best websites have a clear focus with fresh, recent and relevant content. Your visitors should instantaneously know what the purpose of the page is. If the site is too cluttered it can be hard for your visitors to separate the information they’re looking for from the visual content; in turn causing them to turn around and leave.

5. Impossible to Locate Contact Information:

The internet has replaced the phone book for most of us, and very often we visit your site so that we can call or email you. Make this easy and put it right out there in plain sight. If a visitor has to look hard for this information, chances are good that they will click that “back” button and  find someone else to do that job for them.

beststicky Theme Builder LayoutThese helpful hints may seem obvious but every one of us runs into one or more of these rule breakers on a daily basis; and we most likely quickly click away. In a nutshell: Keep it simple and utilize your websites content to get customers wanting to keep coming back for more!

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