javascriptlogo iPad and iPhone Redirect SrcriptiPad and iPhone Redirect Script

Okay so we have a photographer client that just purchased a flash template for his business/gallery website. Only problem is, what about his visitors on mobile devices. Particularly the iPad and iPhone. So the best solution at this point is to create a redirect to a mobile friendly page that doesn’t have the flash embed, and substituted with an image. Here are 4 javascript snippets  you can put inside your html <header></header> tags depending on your need, just remember to replace the url address indicated with your own:

Redirecting your site only on iPad devices – iPad Redirect Script

Redirecting your site only on iPhone devices – iPhone Redirect Script

Redirecting your site on BOTH the iPad & iPhone – iPad and iPhone Redirect Script

BONUS: Redirecting your site on the Blackberry – Blackberry Redirect Script

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