Infinite Scroll & Performance Improvements in Update

February 8, 2019

Another week, another release! Yes, just one week after the major WooCommerce activity log update we have another update of the WP Security Audit Log plugin. This is a minor release, however it does pack a punch when it comes to performance. Here is a highlight of what is new in the update.

Infinite Scroll in the Audit Log Viewer

Up until this version you could browse through the events in the WordPress activity log via pagination. However because of pagination the plugin had to count all the events in the database every time, which meant the rendering of information was slow and needed additional resources. With the introduction of the infinite scroll, browsing through the activity log is way faster and needs much less resources!

infinite-scroll-performance-improvements-in-update-3-3-1-1 Theme Builder Layout

infinite-scroll-performance-improvements-in-update-3-3-1-1 Theme Builder Layout

Should you wish to switch back to pagination navigation you can do so from the plugin setting, as explained in the FAQ switching the WordPress audit log viewer view mode.

Much Faster Search Filters

The other major performance enhancements in this update are in the Search filters. We have improved the database queries the plugin uses to do IP, user and role searches and improved the search performance by more than 600%. Now it takes the plugin just a few seconds to apply a filter and display the results on a database with more than 1,000,000 events.

More Performance Improvements on the Way

Every day more site owners are becoming aware of the benefits of activity logs on WordPress sites. So we are seeing our comprehensive WordPress activity log plugin used on bigger, busier and more popular WordPress sites. Some of them have millions of events in their activity log.

Hence why we have been focusing more on performance in the last few updates. And the good news is that we have a few more enhancements coming up, so subscribe to our newsletter to stay tuned with us! We want to ensure that our plugin runs well and efficiently on any WordPress website, regardless of the size.

Apart from performance, as always we will continue improving the plugin’s coverage and introducing new features with every version update. For a complete list of what is new, updated and fixed in this update refer to the WP Security Audit Log plugin change log.

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