How to Transfer a New Design Style to Another Page Using Divi’s Efficiency Features

January 15, 2019

This week, as part of our ongoing Divi design initiative, we’re going to show you how to transfer a new design style to another page using Divi’s Furniture Store Layout Pack. With all the new layout packs that are coming out, you might have wanted to change the style of an existing page using the new layout pack’s style. Instead of replacing the entire page, you can also transfer the design style using Divi’s efficiency features. One of the newest options that’s included in the Visual Builder is the cross-page copy and paste feature. This will allow you to make many changes throughout the layout without touching a design element’s settings.

But of course, each layout is unique, which means you’ll have to apply some manual changes as well. The good news is that you can extend those manual settings to similar elements on the page in one click. This post is hopefully going to help you follow a certain structure when transferring a design style.

Let’s get to it!


Before we dive into the tutorial, let’s take a quick look at the outcome.

how-to-transfer-a-new-design-style-to-another-page-using-divis-efficiency-features Theme Builder Layout


Page structures differ from each other, that’s why it’s hard to completely transfer a design style in one click. But with Divi, you can use the efficiency features to speed up the process. We’ll combine the cross-page copy-paste feature, the extend styles feature and the find and replace feature to save time transferring a design style to an existing page, without having to change the page structure.

Part 1: Opening Two Pages Next to Each Other

We’ll start off by opening two pages next to each other. The existing page and the new page containing the design style we want to apply. We’re going to take the Furniture Store Layout Pack’s landing page (the design style we want to apply to the existing page) and the Hosting Company Layout Pack’s landing page (the page we want to change around).

Part 2: Resetting Certain Section Settings

The second part will be about resetting certain section settings. The settings you need to reset vary from layout to layout but usually include the background settings and divider settings.

Part 3: Using Divi’s Cross-Page Copy-Paste & Extend Styles Features for Hero Section

Then, we can start using Divi’s cross-page copy-paste feature to start changing things. The natural thing to do is starting with the hero sections. We’ll change each design element in the hero section to the new design style by copying the settings of the new design style and pasting them on the existing page. After doing that, we’ll extend these styles to similar elements on the page.

Part 4: Make Manual Changes (According to Layout) & Use Efficiency Features

As mentioned before, each layout is unique. That’s why making manual changes to the existing page is necessary as well. Once the few changes are made, you can extend the style or use find and replace to make it apply to similar elements on the page.

Part 5: Add Design Characteristics

Last but not least, you can add certain design characteristics to the existing page as well.

Part 1: Opening Two Pages Next to Each Other

Create New Page Using Layout Using the Furniture Store Layout Pack’s Landing Page

Now that we’ve gone through the approach part of this post, let’s start using Divi! Add a new page using the Furniture Store Layout Pack’s landing page.

how-to-transfer-a-new-design-style-to-another-page-using-divis-efficiency-features-1 Theme Builder Layout

Create New Page Using the Hosting Company Layout Pack’s Landing Page

Create another page using the Hosting Company Layout Pack’s landing page as well. We’re going to replace the design style of this layout with the Furniture Store Layout Pack’s landing page design.

how-to-transfer-a-new-design-style-to-another-page-using-divis-efficiency-features-2 Theme Builder Layout

Part 2: Resetting Certain Section Settings

Reset Section Specific Settings of Hosting Company Landing Page

Open Hero Section

Once you have both layouts closeby, continue by opening the hero section settings of the hosting company landing page.

how-to-transfer-a-new-design-style-to-another-page-using-divis-efficiency-features-3 Theme Builder Layout

Reset Section Background & Extend to All Sections

Go to the background settings and reset the options by right-clicking and clicking on Reset Background. Once that’s done, you can extend these background styles to all sections on the page to make sure no section on your page contains background elements.

how-to-transfer-a-new-design-style-to-another-page-using-divis-efficiency-features-4 Theme Builder Layout

how-to-transfer-a-new-design-style-to-another-page-using-divis-efficiency-features-5 Theme Builder Layout

how-to-transfer-a-new-design-style-to-another-page-using-divis-efficiency-features-6 Theme Builder Layout

Reset Dividers & Extend to All Sections

Do the same things for the section dividers to make sure all section dividers on the page are gone.

how-to-transfer-a-new-design-style-to-another-page-using-divis-efficiency-features-7 Theme Builder Layout

how-to-transfer-a-new-design-style-to-another-page-using-divis-efficiency-features-8 Theme Builder Layout

how-to-transfer-a-new-design-style-to-another-page-using-divis-efficiency-features-9 Theme Builder Layout

Part 3: Using Divi’s Cross-Page Copy-Paste & Extend Styles Features for Hero Section

Cross-Page Copy-Paste Hero Section Elements

Section Settings

Time to start using the cross-page copy-paste option! We’ll modify every design element in the hero section. Start by copying the hero section styles on the furniture store landing page. Then, go back to the hosting company landing page and paste the copied section styles.

how-to-transfer-a-new-design-style-to-another-page-using-divis-efficiency-features-10 Theme Builder Layout

how-to-transfer-a-new-design-style-to-another-page-using-divis-efficiency-features-11 Theme Builder Layout

Row Settings

Do the same thing for the row.

how-to-transfer-a-new-design-style-to-another-page-using-divis-efficiency-features-12 Theme Builder Layout

how-to-transfer-a-new-design-style-to-another-page-using-divis-efficiency-features-13 Theme Builder Layout

Title Text Module

Copy the module styles of the title Text Module as well and make them apply to the title of the hosting company landing page.

how-to-transfer-a-new-design-style-to-another-page-using-divis-efficiency-features-14 Theme Builder Layout

how-to-transfer-a-new-design-style-to-another-page-using-divis-efficiency-features-15 Theme Builder Layout

Body Text Module

Open the description Text Module next and copy the text styles. Once you do, make them apply to the Text Module on the hosting company page.

how-to-transfer-a-new-design-style-to-another-page-using-divis-efficiency-features-16 Theme Builder Layout

how-to-transfer-a-new-design-style-to-another-page-using-divis-efficiency-features-17 Theme Builder Layout

Extend Styles

Once you’ve applied the new text styles, go ahead and extend these styles to all modules throughout the page.

how-to-transfer-a-new-design-style-to-another-page-using-divis-efficiency-features-18 Theme Builder Layout

how-to-transfer-a-new-design-style-to-another-page-using-divis-efficiency-features-19 Theme Builder Layout

Change Back Text Orientations to Center Where Needed

You’ll notice that the left text orientation will be applied to all design elements throughout the page. You can keep it that way or change back the text orientation manually.

how-to-transfer-a-new-design-style-to-another-page-using-divis-efficiency-features-20 Theme Builder Layout

Button Settings

The last module in the hero section you’ll need to apply new module styles to is the Button Module.

how-to-transfer-a-new-design-style-to-another-page-using-divis-efficiency-features-21 Theme Builder Layout

how-to-transfer-a-new-design-style-to-another-page-using-divis-efficiency-features-22 Theme Builder Layout

Extend Styles for Button Settings

Instead of extending the entire Button Module styles, we’ll extend the specific button settings.

how-to-transfer-a-new-design-style-to-another-page-using-divis-efficiency-features-23 Theme Builder Layout

how-to-transfer-a-new-design-style-to-another-page-using-divis-efficiency-features-24 Theme Builder Layout

Extend Styles for Spacing

Along with the spacing settings.

how-to-transfer-a-new-design-style-to-another-page-using-divis-efficiency-features-25 Theme Builder Layout

how-to-transfer-a-new-design-style-to-another-page-using-divis-efficiency-features-26 Theme Builder Layout

Extend Styles for Box Shadow

And the box shadow settings as well.

how-to-transfer-a-new-design-style-to-another-page-using-divis-efficiency-features-27 Theme Builder Layout

how-to-transfer-a-new-design-style-to-another-page-using-divis-efficiency-features-28 Theme Builder Layout

Copy-Paste Remaining Elements Once + Extend Style


We’ll also need to copy and paste the Divider Module styles and make them apply to the dividers on the hosting company landing page.

how-to-transfer-a-new-design-style-to-another-page-using-divis-efficiency-features-29 Theme Builder Layout

how-to-transfer-a-new-design-style-to-another-page-using-divis-efficiency-features-30 Theme Builder Layout

Extend Styles

Again, extend the styles of this module throughout the entire page.

how-to-transfer-a-new-design-style-to-another-page-using-divis-efficiency-features-31 Theme Builder Layout

how-to-transfer-a-new-design-style-to-another-page-using-divis-efficiency-features-32 Theme Builder Layout

Part 4: Make Manual Changes (According to Layout) & Use Efficiency Features

Layout Specific Changes

Find & Replace Title Font

Time to start making some manual changes! The first thing we’ll do is match the font. Open a Text Module on the page and find the Rubik font that is used throughout the page. Then, click on Find & Replace and replace the font with Montserrat.

how-to-transfer-a-new-design-style-to-another-page-using-divis-efficiency-features-33 Theme Builder Layout

how-to-transfer-a-new-design-style-to-another-page-using-divis-efficiency-features-34 Theme Builder Layout

Find & Replace Title Font Weight

Do the same thing for the font weight. Instead of using Medium, select Light.

how-to-transfer-a-new-design-style-to-another-page-using-divis-efficiency-features-35 Theme Builder Layout

how-to-transfer-a-new-design-style-to-another-page-using-divis-efficiency-features-36 Theme Builder Layout

Find & Replace Rounded Corners

We’re also removing the rounded corners borders throughout the page by using Find & Replace and applying ‘0px’ to each one of the corners throughout the page.

how-to-transfer-a-new-design-style-to-another-page-using-divis-efficiency-features-37 Theme Builder Layout

how-to-transfer-a-new-design-style-to-another-page-using-divis-efficiency-features-38 Theme Builder Layout

Reset CTA Background Settings & Extend Style in Section

Continue by finding the Call to Action Modules on the page and reset the background settings of the first module. Then, extend these styles to all Calls to Action in the section.

how-to-transfer-a-new-design-style-to-another-page-using-divis-efficiency-features-39 Theme Builder Layout

how-to-transfer-a-new-design-style-to-another-page-using-divis-efficiency-features-40 Theme Builder Layout

how-to-transfer-a-new-design-style-to-another-page-using-divis-efficiency-features-41 Theme Builder Layout

Find & Replace CTA Background Color in Section

Once you do, the default background color will appear. Find & Replace this color and change it into ‘#1a2545’ throughout the section.

how-to-transfer-a-new-design-style-to-another-page-using-divis-efficiency-features-42 Theme Builder Layout

how-to-transfer-a-new-design-style-to-another-page-using-divis-efficiency-features-43 Theme Builder Layout

Find & Replace CTA Text Color in Section

Replace the Text Color with ‘Light’ throughout the section as well.

how-to-transfer-a-new-design-style-to-another-page-using-divis-efficiency-features-44 Theme Builder Layout

how-to-transfer-a-new-design-style-to-another-page-using-divis-efficiency-features-45 Theme Builder Layout

Change Pricing Table Button Settings

Then, go to the pricing tables on the page and change the button settings:

  • Button Background Color: #ef6f49
  • Button Border Width: 8px
  • Button Border Color: #ef6f49
  • Button Border Radius: 0px
  • Button Letter Spacing: 2px (Default), 1px (Hover)
  • Button Font: Montserrat
  • Font Weight: Semi Bold
  • Font Style: Uppercase
  • Button Alignment: Left

how-to-transfer-a-new-design-style-to-another-page-using-divis-efficiency-features-46 Theme Builder Layout

how-to-transfer-a-new-design-style-to-another-page-using-divis-efficiency-features-47 Theme Builder Layout

Extend Styles for Pricing Tables & CTA Modules

Extend the new button setting to all pricing tables and Call to Action Modules throughout the page.

how-to-transfer-a-new-design-style-to-another-page-using-divis-efficiency-features-48 Theme Builder Layout

how-to-transfer-a-new-design-style-to-another-page-using-divis-efficiency-features-49 Theme Builder Layout

how-to-transfer-a-new-design-style-to-another-page-using-divis-efficiency-features-50 Theme Builder Layout

Part 5: Add Design Characteristics

Section Background Color #1

In the last part of this tutorial, we’re going to manually add some design characteristics. This includes, but is not limited to, background settings. Open the section marked in the print screen below and change the background color.

  • Background Color: #f7f3ec

how-to-transfer-a-new-design-style-to-another-page-using-divis-efficiency-features-51 Theme Builder Layout

Section Background Color #2

Do the same thing for the section below.

  • Background Color: #f7f3ec

how-to-transfer-a-new-design-style-to-another-page-using-divis-efficiency-features-52 Theme Builder Layout

Section Gradient Background #1

Then, find the section in the print screen below and add a gradient background.

  • Color 1: #ffffff
  • Color 2: #1a2545
  • Gradient Direction: 90deg
  • Start Position: 55%
  • End Position: 55%

how-to-transfer-a-new-design-style-to-another-page-using-divis-efficiency-features-53 Theme Builder Layout

Section Gradient Background #2

Use another gradient background for the section below:

  • Color 1: rgba(210,218,228,0.38)
  • Color 2: #ffffff
  • Gradient Direction: 90deg
  • Start Position: 45%
  • End Position: 45%

how-to-transfer-a-new-design-style-to-another-page-using-divis-efficiency-features-54 Theme Builder Layout

Section Gradient Background #3

Last but not least, add a linear gradient background to the last section on the page as well.

  • Color 1: #ffffff
  • Color 2: #f7f3ec
  • Start Position: 40%
  • End Position: 40%

how-to-transfer-a-new-design-style-to-another-page-using-divis-efficiency-features-55 Theme Builder Layout


Now that we’ve gone through all the steps, let’s take a final look at the outcome.

how-to-transfer-a-new-design-style-to-another-page-using-divis-efficiency-features Theme Builder Layout

Final Thoughts

In this post, we’ve shown you how you can transfer a layout’s design style using Divi’s efficiency features. This tutorial takes advantage of the new cross-page copy-paste feature that is part of the new Visual Builder. This tutorial is part of our ongoing Divi design initiative where we try to put something extra into your design toolbox each and every week. If you have any questions or suggestions, make sure you leave a comment section below!

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