How to Easily Add Vertical Social Sharing Buttons to Your Web Page in Divi

January 25, 2019

Social sharing buttons have become a standard component of a website due to the huge rise of social media. And with Divi, you can easily add those social sharing buttons using the social media follow module. However, by default, the buttons will align horizontally. This is perfect for most sites. But if you are looking for a vertical layout of your icons, you can easily do this with a few simple adjustments to the module.

In this tutorial, I’m going to show you a quick and easy way to create vertical social sharing buttons to any part of your web page with Divi.

Let’s get started.

Sneak Peek

Here is a sneak peek of the design we will be building.

how-to-easily-add-vertical-social-sharing-buttons-to-your-web-page-in-divi Theme Builder Layout

how-to-easily-add-vertical-social-sharing-buttons-to-your-web-page-in-divi-1 Theme Builder Layout

how-to-easily-add-vertical-social-sharing-buttons-to-your-web-page-in-divi-2 Theme Builder Layout

Getting Started

To get things started, create a new page and give your page a title. Then deploy the Divi Builder and select “Choose a Premade Layout”. From the load from library popup, open the Wedding Planner Layout Pack and select to use the Wedding Planner Homepage Layout.

how-to-easily-add-vertical-social-sharing-buttons-to-your-web-page-in-divi-3 Theme Builder Layout

Now you are ready to start building.

Adding Vertical Social Sharing Buttons to A Column

Examining the layout, you can see that the top section includes a fullwidth two column row. In the first column, there is an invisible divider module with a column background image. In the second column there is a text module and a button module in the right column. For this example we want to add vertical social sharing buttons to the top left of the row. To do this, add a Social Media Follow module under the divider in column 1.

how-to-easily-add-vertical-social-sharing-buttons-to-your-web-page-in-divi-4 Theme Builder Layout

Then drag the social media follow module above the divider module so that it sits at the very top of column 1.

After that, open the social media follow settings. Add new social networks by clicking the plus icon under the content tab and then selecting a social network for the new button. You will eventually need to add the account link url for each button as well so that your links actually redirect to their respective social media pages.

how-to-easily-add-vertical-social-sharing-buttons-to-your-web-page-in-divi-5 Theme Builder Layout

For this example, I added social networks for Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and Instagram.

how-to-easily-add-vertical-social-sharing-buttons-to-your-web-page-in-divi-6 Theme Builder Layout

Styling the Social Media Follow Module

Now let’s jump over to the design tab and update the following:

Background Color: rgba(203,185,168,0.64)
Width: 64px (the sum of the width of an icon plus the left and right padding)
Custom Margin (desktop): -3vw top
Custom Margin (tablet): 30px
Custom Padding: 16px top, 16px bottom, 16px left, 16px right

how-to-easily-add-vertical-social-sharing-buttons-to-your-web-page-in-divi-7 Theme Builder Layout

Adjusting the width of the module to stack the icons vertically

To make the social sharing buttons stack vertically, we adjusted the size of our social media follow module to force the buttons to stack on top of each other. In order to determine the width of your social media follow vertical display, you need to calculate the sum of the width of an icon (32px) and the left and right padding (16px + 16px = 32px). Therefore in this case, the total width of our social media follow module needs to be 64px.

how-to-easily-add-vertical-social-sharing-buttons-to-your-web-page-in-divi-8 Theme Builder Layout

To finish off the design, update the background color of each individual social network button with the following:

Background Color: #333333

how-to-easily-add-vertical-social-sharing-buttons-to-your-web-page-in-divi-9 Theme Builder Layout

Now let’s take a look at the final result.

how-to-easily-add-vertical-social-sharing-buttons-to-your-web-page-in-divi Theme Builder Layout

Positioning the Social Sharing Icons at the Top of Your Page

If you want to gain more control over the positioning of your vertical sharing buttons at the top of your page, you can add a new row at the top of the section and add your social media follow module to the row. Then you can easily set the alignment of the module to left, center, or right.

Here is how to do it.

Create a new one-column row and drag it to the top of the section so that it sits at the very top of the page. Then drag your social media follow module into the new row.

how-to-easily-add-vertical-social-sharing-buttons-to-your-web-page-in-divi-10 Theme Builder Layout

Open the settings for the new row and update the following:

Custom Width: 100%
Custom Padding: 0px top, 0px bottom

Then go to the advanced tab and enter the following custom CSS to the Main Element:

z-index: 10;

This css will allow the content of the column (the social media follow module) to remain visible once we set the negative margin to overlap the content below it.

how-to-easily-add-vertical-social-sharing-buttons-to-your-web-page-in-divi-11 Theme Builder Layout

Now open the social media follow settings and update the following:

Custom Padding: -140px

With our “z-index: 10” css in place, the module is able to overlap the content of the row below it without being hidden.

With this setup, you can now adjust the alignment of the module to display your vertical social sharing buttons on the left, center, or right of the top of the page.

how-to-easily-add-vertical-social-sharing-buttons-to-your-web-page-in-divi Theme Builder Layout

Here is what the final design looks like with the module centered.

how-to-easily-add-vertical-social-sharing-buttons-to-your-web-page-in-divi-1 Theme Builder Layout

how-to-easily-add-vertical-social-sharing-buttons-to-your-web-page-in-divi-12 Theme Builder Layout

Here is what the final design looks like with the module right aligned.

how-to-easily-add-vertical-social-sharing-buttons-to-your-web-page-in-divi-2 Theme Builder Layout

soc17 Theme Builder Layout

Fixed or Static Positioning

If you are looking to give your vertical social sharing buttons a fixed (or static) position on your page, please check out of tutorial on how to make any Divi page element sticky.

Final Thoughts

Even though Divi’s Social Media Follow module displays buttons horizontally by default, all it takes is a simple adjustment of the width of the module to create a beautiful vertical display of your social sharing buttons. And, using the power of Divi’s built-in design options, you can style and position your vertical sharing buttons anywhere you want. I hope this helps you create a fresh new design element for your next project.

I look forward to hearing from you in the comments.


By Jason Champagne

Jason started a career in education before co-founding Launch Tower, a Houston based web development company specializing in conversion optimization through Divi. He enjoys freelance writing, all things WordPress, and the occasional ping pong match.

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