How to Create a Rotated Global Header with Divi’s Theme Builder

November 19, 2019

Ever since the Divi Theme Builder has come out, we’ve tried to guide you through the process of creating your own global headers. We’ll continue doing that by showing you how to create a rotated global header that appears on the left side of your pages and posts. The header’s background color is completely transparent, allowing the page/post content to show through. We’ve made sure that the global header stays fixed to the left side while scrolling and we’ve transformed the menu into a mobile-friendly version as well. In this use case tutorial, we’ll show you how to recreate the design from scratch and you’ll also be able to download the template JSON file for free!

Let’s get to it.


Before we dive into the tutorial, let’s take a quick look at the outcome across different screen sizes.


how-to-create-a-rotated-global-header-with-divis-theme-builder Theme Builder Layout


how-to-create-a-rotated-global-header-with-divis-theme-builder-1 Theme Builder Layout

Download The Rotated Global Header Template for FREE

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1. Go to Divi Theme Builder & Start Building Global Header

Go to Divi Theme Builder

Start by going to the Divi Theme Builder on your WordPress website.

how-to-create-a-rotated-global-header-with-divis-theme-builder Theme Builder Layout

Start Building Global Header

Click on ‘Add Global Header’ and select ‘Build Global Header’.

how-to-create-a-rotated-global-header-with-divis-theme-builder-1 Theme Builder Layout

2. Start Building Rotated Side Global Header

Add New Section

Background Color

Once inside the template editor, you can open the section that’s already there and change the background color across different screen sizes.

  • Background Color: rgba(0,0,0,0) (Desktop), #FFFFFF (Tablet & Phone)

how-to-create-a-rotated-global-header-with-divis-theme-builder-2 Theme Builder Layout


Modify the section’s sizing settings next.

  • Width: 5vw (Desktop), 100% (Tablet & Phone)
  • Min Height: 100vw (Desktop), auto (Tablet & Phone)

how-to-create-a-rotated-global-header-with-divis-theme-builder-3 Theme Builder Layout


Add some custom top and bottom padding too.

  • Top Padding: 2vw
  • Bottom Padding: 2vw

how-to-create-a-rotated-global-header-with-divis-theme-builder-4 Theme Builder Layout

Box Shadow

Then, go to the box shadow settings and add a custom box shadow across different screen sizes.

  • Box Shadow Horizontal Position: 32px (Desktop), 0px (Tablet & Phone)
  • Box Shadow Blur Strength: 49px
  • Box Shadow Spread Strength: 0px (Desktop), 19px (Tablet & Phone)
  • Shadow Color: rgba(0,0,0,0.12)

how-to-create-a-rotated-global-header-with-divis-theme-builder-5 Theme Builder Layout

Default Main Element

We’ll also make sure the rotated global header stays fixed to the left side by adding a few lines of CSS code to the section’s main element.

position: fixed; top: 0; display: flex; flex-wrap: wrap; align-content: center;

how-to-create-a-rotated-global-header-with-divis-theme-builder-6 Theme Builder Layout

Hover Main Element

Make sure you add those same lines of CSS code to the hover main element of the section too.

position: fixed; top: 0;

how-to-create-a-rotated-global-header-with-divis-theme-builder-7 Theme Builder Layout

Default Visibility

Then, increase the z index in the visibility settings.

  • Z Index: 99999

how-to-create-a-rotated-global-header-with-divis-theme-builder-8 Theme Builder Layout

Hover Visibility

Make sure that same value applies on hover.

  • Z Index: 99999

how-to-create-a-rotated-global-header-with-divis-theme-builder-9 Theme Builder Layout

Add New Row

Column Structure

Once you’ve completed the section settings, continue by adding a new row using the following column structure:

how-to-create-a-rotated-global-header-with-divis-theme-builder-10 Theme Builder Layout


Without adding any modules yet, open the row settings and change the sizing settings.

  • Use Custom Gutter Width: Yes
  • Gutter Width: 1

how-to-create-a-rotated-global-header-with-divis-theme-builder-11 Theme Builder Layout


Remove all default top and bottom padding too.

  • Top Padding: 0px
  • Bottom Padding: 0px

how-to-create-a-rotated-global-header-with-divis-theme-builder-12 Theme Builder Layout

Column Settings

Main Element (Tablet & Phone)

On tablet and phone, we’re going for an entirely different look and feel. We’ll place three different modules next to each other. To do that, we’ll need to add a bit of CSS code. Open the column’s settings, go to the advanced tab and insert the following lines of CSS code into the main element of tablet and phone:

display: grid; grid-template-columns: 33.33% 33.33% 33.33%;

how-to-create-a-rotated-global-header-with-divis-theme-builder-13 Theme Builder Layout

Add Image Module to Column

Upload Logo

Time to start adding modules! The first module we need is an Image Module. Upload a semi-transparent logo image file of your choice.

how-to-create-a-rotated-global-header-with-divis-theme-builder-14 Theme Builder Layout


Then, go to the design tab and change the width across different screen sizes.

  • Width: 4vw (Desktop), 12vw (Tablet), 16vw (Phone)

how-to-create-a-rotated-global-header-with-divis-theme-builder-15 Theme Builder Layout

Transform Scale

Increase the size of the module by modifying the transform scale settings next.

  • Right: 170% (Desktop), 100% (Tablet & Phone)
  • Bottom: 170% (Desktop), 100% (Tablet & Phone)

how-to-create-a-rotated-global-header-with-divis-theme-builder-16 Theme Builder Layout

Transform Translate

And push the module to the right by adding a bottom transform translate value on desktop.

  • Bottom: 1vw (Desktop), 0vw (Tablet & Phone)

how-to-create-a-rotated-global-header-with-divis-theme-builder-17 Theme Builder Layout

Add Menu Module to Column

Select Menu

The next module we need is the Menu Module. Select a menu of your choice.

how-to-create-a-rotated-global-header-with-divis-theme-builder-18 Theme Builder Layout

Remove Background Color

Remove the module’s background color next.

how-to-create-a-rotated-global-header-with-divis-theme-builder-19 Theme Builder Layout


Then, go to the design tab and change the layout settings.

  • Style: Centered
  • Dropdown Menu Direction: Downwards

how-to-create-a-rotated-global-header-with-divis-theme-builder-20 Theme Builder Layout

Default Menu Text

Modify the menu text settings too.

  • Active Link Color: #cecece
  • Menu Font: Montserrat
  • Menu Font Weight: Bold
  • Menu Text Color: #000000
  • Menu Text Size: 0.9vw (Desktop), 2vw (Tablet), 2.5vw (Phone)

how-to-create-a-rotated-global-header-with-divis-theme-builder-21 Theme Builder Layout

Hover Menu Text

Change the menu text color on hover.

  • Menu Text Color: #afafaf

how-to-create-a-rotated-global-header-with-divis-theme-builder-22 Theme Builder Layout

Dropdown Menu

We’re also making some changes to the dropdown menu settings.

  • Dropdown Menu Line Color: #000000
  • Dropdown Menu Text Color: #000000

how-to-create-a-rotated-global-header-with-divis-theme-builder-23 Theme Builder Layout


Change the hamburger menu icon color next.

  • Hamburger Menu Icon Color: #000000

how-to-create-a-rotated-global-header-with-divis-theme-builder-24 Theme Builder Layout


And add some custom margin values across different screen sizes.

  • Top Margin: 18vw (Desktop), 0vw (Tablet & Phone)
  • Bottom Margin: 18vw (Desktop), 0vw (Tablet & Phone)
  • Left Margin: -13vw (Desktop), 0vw (Tablet & Phone)
  • Right Margin: -13vw (Desktop), 0vw (Tablet & Phone)

how-to-create-a-rotated-global-header-with-divis-theme-builder-25 Theme Builder Layout

Transform Rotate

Now, to create the rotated effect, we’ll play around with the module’s transform rotate values.

  • Left: 270deg (Desktop), 0deg (Tablet & Phone)

how-to-create-a-rotated-global-header-with-divis-theme-builder-26 Theme Builder Layout

Add Social Media Follow Module to Column

Add Social Networks

On to the Social Media Follow Module, which is the next and last module we need to complete our rotated global header. Add some social networks of your choice.

how-to-create-a-rotated-global-header-with-divis-theme-builder-27 Theme Builder Layout

Reset Social Network Styles

Continue by resetting the settings of each social network individually. This will help us get rid of their background color.

how-to-create-a-rotated-global-header-with-divis-theme-builder-28 Theme Builder Layout


Then, move on to the design tab of the module and change the module alignment across different screen sizes.

  • Alignment: Left (Desktop), Right (Tablet & Phone)

how-to-create-a-rotated-global-header-with-divis-theme-builder-29 Theme Builder Layout

Icon Settings

Last but not least, change the icon settings too.

  • Icon Color: #000000
  • Use Custom Icon Size: Yes
  • Icon Font Size: 2.1vw

how-to-create-a-rotated-global-header-with-divis-theme-builder-30 Theme Builder Layout

3. Save Builder Changes & View Result

Once you’ve completed all the modules, you can save the template, exit the Divi Theme Builder and view the outcome on your website!

how-to-create-a-rotated-global-header-with-divis-theme-builder-31 Theme Builder Layout

how-to-create-a-rotated-global-header-with-divis-theme-builder-32 Theme Builder Layout


Now that we’ve gone through all the steps, let’s take a final look at the outcome across different screen sizes.


how-to-create-a-rotated-global-header-with-divis-theme-builder Theme Builder Layout


how-to-create-a-rotated-global-header-with-divis-theme-builder-1 Theme Builder Layout

Final Thoughts

In this post, we’ve shown you how to create a rotated global header using Divi’s new Theme Builder. We’ve also transformed the menu bar into a highly mobile-friendly version on mobile. Unless chosen otherwise, the global header we’ve created will show up on all your post and pages. You were able to download the JSON file for free as well! If you have any questions or suggestions, feel free to leave a comment in the comment section below!

If you’re eager to learn more about Divi and get more Divi freebies, make sure you subscribe to our email newsletter and YouTube channel so you’ll always be one of the first people to know and get benefits from this free content.


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