4 Building Blocks to High Search Engine Rankings

July 22, 2018

high-search-engine-rankings Theme Builder LayoutOur best  is in basic construction for High Search Engine Rankings. Along with building a solid foundation, you need to be sure to call CMP and your local water provider to get your basic utilities hooked up.

If you do it right, search engine optimization is not that difficult. Did I just say that? No, I meant it’s really hard and you should call us immediately with your credit card. OK, it’s really not that difficult, at least for me, but you do need to have a set of plans, the right resources, sub contractors, and you may need some financing. Our SEO team here at MHS could be considered the General Contractor of SEO, where we handle everything, in the end you get the keys.

Do the right things in the right order and your website will get the rankings it deserves. Unfortunately, many webmasters try to build the house without laying the foundation. It’s a methodical order of business that done correctly will result in something that will last and you can build upon in the future.

First things first: High Search Engine Rankings Need to be BUILT

Social media can have a positive influence on your rankings, you could consider Facebook as your CMP (power provider), they add some power to your foundation. Backlinks are also very important, like your local water supply, they add flow, inbound flow that is. Both factors, however, won’t help your website if your search engine optimization campaign lacks a solid foundation.

The following pyramid shows search engine optimization factors sorted by importance:

1. On-page optimization – The Foundation

  • Optimizing the content of your web pages is the most important step of each search engine optimization campaign. To show search engines that your website is relevant to a particular topic, optimize as many different pages of your website as possible for as many different keywords as possible.
  • Search engines must be able to parse your web pages without problems and your keywords should appear in the right places.
  • Use keywords that are related to your business in your website navigation and link your web pages with meaningful words to make sure that search engines can category your web pages properly.

2. Usability and conversion optimization – Better yet, a Foundation reinforced with rebar!

  • High rankings on search engines won’t help your website if your website visitors don’t convert. Make sure that your web pages are easy to use. Your website visitors should be able to find what they’re looking for.
  • Create user friendly web pages that have a professional and trustworthy design. Add a call to action on all important web pages.
  • The higher the percentage of website visitors who purchase something on your website, the fewer visitors you need for a successful website.

3. Backlinks – Water

  • You can start to get backlinks to your website when you’re sure that your website has optimized pages and a good conversion rate.
  • If Google finds several different websites with content that is relevant to a keyword, the web page with the best backlinks will be listed on Google’s result page.
  • Try to get backlinks from related websites. It also helps to include keywords that are related to your business in the links to your site. Quality is much more important than quantity. A few good links from related websites are better than lots of low quality links.

4. Social ranking elements – Power

  • Social ranking elements such as the number of Facebook Likes, Google +1 clicks or Twitter mentions are the icing on the cake. These elements won’t get your website on Google’s first result page but they can make the difference between position 1 and 3.

Before you invest your time in social ranking elements, be sure that all other elements are in place. Build it one, build it right, and build it NOW!

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