Mistake 1: having a website that is not crawlable

  • According to Matt Cutts, the biggest SEO mistake is having a website that is not crawlable by search engines.
  • If your website is not crawlable, search engines cannot index your pages and your web pages won’t be listed on Google.
  • By correcting these issues, you make sure that search engines can index all of your pages correctly.

Mistake 2: including the wrong words on your web pages

  • Using the wrong words on your web pages is the second biggest mistake.
  • For example, he says that you should write “How high is Mount Everest” instead of “Mt. Everest Height” on your pages because that is how people search on Google.

Mistake 3: focusing on the wrong things

  • Some webmasters focus on link building before they have compelling content on their web pages.
  • Although backlinks are the most important factor in Google’s algorithm, it is more important that your website has good content.
  • Without good content, your website won’t get high rankings.

Mistake 4: forgetting to think about titles and descriptions

  • The title and the description of a web page have a big influence on the performance of the page on search engines.
  • Compelling web page titles and descriptions lead to more clicks and more visitors.

Mistake 5: not learning about how Google works and what SEO is about

  • But that’s not necessarily the “Webmasters” job. Mastering Google and gaining advanced knowledge about Search Engine Optimization can be (and is) a full time job.
  • Not outsourcing these task to a reputable SEO Firm is sometimes the biggest mistake.

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