Google testing restaurant booking with both ‘reserve a table’ and ‘tables tomorrow’ buttons

December 17, 2018

google-testing-restaurant-booking-with-both-reserve-a-table-and-tables-tomorrow-buttons Theme Builder Layout

Google is testing the display of two call-to-action buttons in restaurant listings, enabling the searcher to either reserve a table or see tables available tomorrow. The two buttons, which read “Reserve a Table” and “Tables Tomorrow,” seem somewhat redundant. In both cases, depending on what time you press the button, you can see tables you can reserve for tomorrow.

What it looks like. Here is a screen shot from Sergey Alakov of this test showing the two buttons:

google-testing-restaurant-booking-with-both-reserve-a-table-and-tables-tomorrow-buttons Theme Builder Layout

What happens? Maybe this was a bug, but Sergey Alakov said that clicking either button opened a window where one could reserve a table for tomorrow. With the “Reserve a table” button, it defaulted to 6:00 pm; while the “Tables tomorrow” button defaulted to 7:00pm tomorrow.

Here is that screen shot:

google-testing-restaurant-booking-with-both-reserve-a-table-and-tables-tomorrow-buttons-1 Theme Builder Layout

Is it a bug? Perhaps this is just some weird bug. Google seems to be testing showing two buttons, so maybe the test wasn’t set up to handle every possible situation in which someone clicks on the button.

Why show two buttons to book a table, when you could just show one and a provide a fast way to skip to tomorrow when you are on the date selector?

Why you should care. Google is constantly testing new user interfaces around local search, including ways to reserve or book appointments using Google local. If your local business has not yet looked into how to be included in Reserve with Google, you should consider working with one of Google’s partners to ensure your business shows up there.

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