Google Search Console reporting currently delayed

Oct 19, 2018 | Search Engine Optimization News

google-search-console-reporting-currently-delayed Google Search Console reporting currently delayed

Google posted on Twitter Friday morning that some of their reports within Google Search Console are currently delayed more than their normal two-days. “Some Search Console reports are currently a bit more delayed due to issues in the reporting pipeline,” the company said. This has no impact on your search rankings, this is just a reporting issue.

Which reports are delayed? Specifically, the AMP, Rich Results / Structured Data, Hreflang, Index Coverage, and Mobile Usability reports are all delayed according to Google. I will say that I did check several of these reports, and not all of them are delayed. For example, while the mobile usability and AMP reports are both a week old, the index coverage report is only two days delayed, which is the normal expected reporting delay you would see in Google Search Console.

Should I worry? No, this is just a reporting issue which Google said doesn’t affect your site in search. So your rankings should not be impacted by this issue.

When will it be fixed? This is unknown. Google Search Console reporting delays and outages are not that uncommon. Google did say they will “let you know when things are back up to speed.” So I’d just check back on Monday. If you have reports to deliver to clients, this will delay those reports.

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