One day after Google said it would be consolidating the data within the Google Search Console’s performance report to the canonical URL, the company decided to start the preview of the consolidated data view on Thursday, a month or so earlier than they planned.

If you login to Google Search Console and click on your performance report, you should see a message at the top that reads “Performance data is now based on canonical URLs.” There is another option to “Switch to old view.” Google posted the old view of the data will be available until April 10th.

What it looks like. Here are screenshots of the view from some on Twitter, comparing the consolidated view and the old view:

In some cases, the reports show significant changes and in others, they do not.

Google confirmed. John Mueller, a Google Webmaster Trends Analysts, confirmed on Twitter that this is rolling out now as a preview.

How do I access this? Just go to your performance report, select a verified property and start digging into your data.

Why it matters. Here’s what I said yesterday. But, in addition to that, you should all look at how the consolidated view impacts the data in the new performance reports. Dig in, filter our your AMP and mobile data and compare it in both the new consolidated view and old view. Understanding this data is important when tracking your performance in Google search.

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