quality_popularity1 How Google IS Like High SchoolSome people look back on high school as the best days of their lives, while others would rather not look back! The popularity contests and games are a big piece of the high school experience… and in Search Engine Optimization (SEO), the popularity contest isn’t over!

How popular is your website?

  • Google’s ultimate goal is to provide the most relevant search results to their users. They use a complex formula to determine where your site will fall in the list of results for each search. One of the things they look at is how many places link to your site. Seems a little unfair, right? It’s not always in your control whether or not you have links on other sites. But it makes sense; Google thinks that if other sites have independently decided your site is worth linking to, then the people searching are more likely to find it of value.

Dating the prom queen

  • So how do you get links? Do you have a business Facebook page? LinkedIn? Twitter? (Hint: you should.) Post on each of you accounts with links back to your site for more information. Those links count! Then explore Digg and Reddit. Those count too. Make sure that when you post links, you use the terms you want to rank for as the text of the link.(For Maine Hosting, an example is “web hosting.”) And of course, make sure your business is listed in all the relevant professional and consumer directories and review sites. (Our Gold SEO Plan is a perfect solution for accomplishing this)

Protect your rep

  • You can actually pay a “link factory” to include (basically fake) links to your site. Don’t. It’s a waste. Google looks at the quality of the links over the quantity. The higher rank of the page linking to yours, the more it boosts your site’s ranking.

If you need an ally to navigate the popularity contest (and avoid getting your site stuffed in a locker) give us a call. Maine Hosting offers SEO services and consultations.

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