Google rolling out more features for responsive search ads, adding 10 languages

Dec 6, 2018 | Search Engine Optimization News

google-rolling-out-more-features-for-responsive-search-ads-adding-10-languages Google rolling out more features for responsive search ads, adding 10 languages

Image: Google. Soon, advertisers will see ad copy suggestions when creating responsive search ads.

Google continues to roll out its responsive search ads (RSA) — the ads that dynamically serve a combination of headlines and descriptions — and add new features.

What’s new. This week, Google said it will be rolling out four reporting and feedback tools for RSAs.

  • In the coming months, you’ll start to see suggested headlines and descriptions when creating new responsive search ads. This will roll out in English to start, with other languages following.
  • In another effort make it easier to create RSAs in the interface, Google will start importing headlines and descriptions from existing text ads in the same ad group. I’m seeing this live now, but it will continue to roll out in the coming weeks.
  • The ad strength dial updates in real-time. (Be prepared to add a well beyond the minimum headlines and descriptions if you want your score to approach “Good” status. I finally got there with one ad after adding eight headlines and three descriptions.)
  • You’ll be able to see ad strength updates in the Status column in the UI to see if your ads are disapproved or if you’re losing impressions.

Google has also made RSAs available in ten additional languages: Danish, Dutch, Italian, Japanese, Norwegian, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, Swedish and Turkish.

Why you should care. As more features come online, it becomes more clear that RSAs are here to stay. Google continues to invest in the format and all of these tools and indicators are designed to get advertisers to embrace it. As with the original shift to expanded text ads, early movers often see the best results over time by getting more experimentation under their belts.

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