google-dynamic-search-ads-by-url-1 Google now shows dynamic search ad performance aggregated by landing page

Advertisers can now see the best- and worst-performing landing pages in their Google Dynamic Search Ads (DSAs) campaigns.

The landing page report aggregates page performance across all search terms that triggered it. The report is located under the Search Terms tab of the dynamic ad targets section in a DSA campaign in the Google Ads interface.

The other two reports in that tab are the search term report and the landing page report. The search term report aggregates performance data by query, and the landing page report shows the queries that triggered specific landing pages.

The landing page report can help advertisers identify which pages to target or exclude from their DSA campaigns.

Dynamic ad URL targets can only be added at the ad group level, but advertisers can add negative targets at either the campaign or ad group level.

Last year, Google introduced page feeds for DSAs to allow advertisers to designate and group landing pages for DSA targeting, including pages that may not have been indexed by Google yet.

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