php7 Fast & Powerful WordPress Hosting with PHP7, CloudLinux & Cachewall

images Fast & Powerful WordPress Hosting with PHP7, CloudLinux & CachewallMaine Hosting Solutions thrives on providing the best WordPress hosting experience for their clients. WordPress users crave a backend that’s fast and easy to use. This is where CloudLinux and PHP7 come into play. Over the past 6 months the WordPress Core has expanded it’s dependence on utilizing the speed enhancements inherent to PHP7. While most WordPress sites run fine on PHP5.6, the standard PHP build on most servers, we now offer a feature in cPanel to easily change the PHP version your site is using; all the way up to PHP 7.1. We’ve found that running WordPress sites on PHP7 you can see up to a 2.5x speed increase on core processes. This relates to a faster downloading site, faster site searches, and faster rendering of complex layouts.

All of MHS Servers run CloudLinux that provides you with the PHP Selector in cPanel. On all of our hosting accounts you can easily select any version of PHP from 5.4 up to 7.1.

images-1 Fast & Powerful WordPress Hosting with PHP7, CloudLinux & CachewallCachewall offers all our users on-the-fly serverside caching. This takes the most common front end files that are delivered by your website and holds them readily available to deliver in a lightening fast compressed version.

Over the past month we have set PHP 7 as the default on all hosting accounts, and made available the Cachewall Icon as well as the PHP Version Selector in cPanel.

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