Exclusive Divi Black Friday Gift #1: A Stunning Landing Page Layout Pack

November 30, 2019

This year as a special thank you to everyone who purchases an Elegant Themes Membership during our Black Friday Sale (and to our wonderful Lifetime customers!) we’ve created several exclusive gifts from our staff to you. Today we’re highlighting gift #1: The Landing Page Layout Pack. These landing page layouts are gorgeous, professional and can be used for many types of websites. In this post we’ll show you how to download the pack and use it on your very own Divi website today.

A Look Inside the Exclusive Black Friday Landing Page Layout Pack

exclusive-divi-black-friday-gift-1-a-stunning-landing-page-layout-pack Theme Builder Layout

Product Landing Page Layout

exclusive-divi-black-friday-gift-1-a-stunning-landing-page-layout-pack-1 Theme Builder Layout

View Live Preview

App Landing Page Layout

exclusive-divi-black-friday-gift-1-a-stunning-landing-page-layout-pack-2 Theme Builder Layout

View Live Preview

Software Landing Page Layout

exclusive-divi-black-friday-gift-1-a-stunning-landing-page-layout-pack-3 Theme Builder Layout

View Live Preview

Event Landing Page Layout

exclusive-divi-black-friday-gift-1-a-stunning-landing-page-layout-pack-4 Theme Builder Layout

View Live Preview

No Licensing Restrictions! Download & Use this Pack’s Images for FREE!

exclusive-divi-black-friday-gift-1-a-stunning-landing-page-layout-pack-5 Theme Builder Layout

exclusive-divi-black-friday-gift-1-a-stunning-landing-page-layout-pack-6 Theme Builder Layout

exclusive-divi-black-friday-gift-1-a-stunning-landing-page-layout-pack-7 Theme Builder Layout

exclusive-divi-black-friday-gift-1-a-stunning-landing-page-layout-pack-8 Theme Builder Layout

The photos included with these templates have no licensing restrictions. This means you can use them in all of your commercial projects without having to worry about paying licensing fees or attributing the photographer. Use them in your commercial websites, sell them within your Divi child themes, include them in your own Divi layout packs or just use them on your blog. We know how challenging it can be to find good photos and how confusing and scary the licensing that governs those photos can be. We want to fix that problem for our users.

Download the Full Res Image Assets

How to Get the Exclusive Landing Page Layout Pack Today!

exclusive-divi-black-friday-gift-1-a-stunning-landing-page-layout-pack Theme Builder Layout

For New Members

If you don’t have an Elegant Themes Membership yet, you can get these packs (plus a lot more) by clicking the button below to claim the Black Friday deal. Once you are a member, you will have access to the pack downloads in your members area.

Claim the Deal Before It Disappears!

For Existing Members with Yearly Subscription

If you already have a yearly subscription to Elegant Themes, you can gain access to these free packs (plus a lot more) when you upgrade to a lifetime subscription during the Black Friday deal. Click the button below to claim the deal. Once you are a lifetime member, you will have access to the pack downloads in your members area.

Claim the Deal Before It Disappears!

For Lifetime Members

If you are already a Lifetime Member, you already have access to these exclusive packs! All you need to do is login to your members area to find the download links for each of the packs.

Go to the Black Friday Perks Page in the Members Area!

How to Download and Use the Landing Page Layout Pack on Your Own Divi Website Today

[embedded content]

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Downloading the Pack from the Members Area

All of the pack downloads can be found in your members area. To access the downloads, you must first login to the members area with the username and password created when you signed up as a member.

exclusive-divi-black-friday-gift-1-a-stunning-landing-page-layout-pack-9 Theme Builder Layout

Once you are logged in, click the link on the far right of the members area menu called “Black Friday Perks”. Under Black Friday Perks, click the Download the Pack button to download the Landing Page Layout Pack.

exclusive-divi-black-friday-gift-1-a-stunning-landing-page-layout-pack Theme Builder Layout

Upload the Landing Pages to Your Divi Library

Once you have downloaded the landing page layout pack, locate the Divi-Landing-Page-Layout-Pack.zip file in your downloads folder on your computer. Double-click the folder to unzip it and then navigate inside the Divi-Landing-Page-Layout-Pack folder. Inside this folder you will find 5 files, one file that contains all landing page layouts and a separate file for each layout as well.

  • Divi-Landing-Page-Layout-Pack
  • Divi-App-Landing-Page-Layout
  • Divi-Product-Landing-Page-Layout
  • Divi-Software-Landing-Page-Layout
  • Divi-Event-Landing-Page-Layout

exclusive-divi-black-friday-gift-1-a-stunning-landing-page-layout-pack-1 Theme Builder Layout

To import the files to your Divi Library, navigate in your WordPress Admin to Divi > Divi Library > Import & Export. You can select the individual layout you desire or choose to upload the entire pack to your Divi Library.

exclusive-divi-black-friday-gift-1-a-stunning-landing-page-layout-pack-10 Theme Builder Layout

exclusive-divi-black-friday-gift-1-a-stunning-landing-page-layout-pack-11 Theme Builder Layout

To load one of these layouts onto your page, activate the Divi Builder and then look for the “Load From Library” icon in the page settings bar (it looks like a plus symbol).

exclusive-divi-black-friday-gift-1-a-stunning-landing-page-layout-pack-12 Theme Builder Layout

Then, switch over to the ‘Saved Layouts’ tab and select the landing page layout you want to upload to your page.

exclusive-divi-black-friday-gift-1-a-stunning-landing-page-layout-pack-13 Theme Builder Layout

From that point on, the only thing left to do is customizing your layout and publishing it!

Final Thoughts

This Landing Page Layout Pack is part of our Black Friday Deal where we are giving away FREE limited edition Divi Layouts and Theme Builder Packs to Black Friday customers and Lifetime Members. By joining our empowered community during these days and becoming a member, you’ll get:

  • All of the exclusive packs for free
  • Access to our awesome themes and plugins
  • Bonus Prizes & Exclusive Deals from our partners

Seize the opportunity and become a member today by going to our Black Friday Deal Page.


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