Email platform Litmus acquires content automation

Nov 11, 2021 | Social Media Marketing SMM News

Litmus, the email marketing platform which provides optimization and collaboration tools, has acquired U.K.-based Kickdynamics, an AI-powered content automation and product recommendation solution. The move will enable Litmus customers to create personalized email content at scale. The acquisition reflects the belief that more personalized email content with drive more opens, clicks and ultimately revenue.

Kickdynamics connects with content sources such as catalogs to create dynamic content templates that embed in the email code, enabling marketers to automatically send personalized content without manual coding. Content is personalized by tracking on-site behavior.

Why we care. Email marketing shows no signs of slowing down, but inboxes are overwhelmed. Rising above the noise means not just talking at potential customers but addressing their individual needs. The route Litmus is taking here looks customer-centric — and in 2021 that’s the right route.

email-platform-litmus-acquires-content-automation Email platform Litmus acquires content automation

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