editors-note-congratulations-barry-schwartz-search-personality-of-the-year Editor’s note: Congratulations, Barry Schwartz, Search Personality of the Year

Image: Aimclear

Barry Schwartz, who has been covering the SEO industry and fostering the community since just about the beginning, on Wednesday was celebrated for all his contributions by being crowned Search Personality of the Year at the US Search Awards in Las Vegas.

Schwartz has served as Search Engine Land’s news editor and SEO reporter since its inception. On his own site, Search Engine Roundtable, Schwartz covers everything the search community is talking about.

He’s prolific, churning out more news coverage than anyone in the industry.

He cares deeply about the search community. There are many examples of this, including initiatives in just the past year to honor the contributions of members of the community.

The dedication, unparalleled work ethic (read: do not try this at home), and heart Schwartz brings to his work is an inspiration to so many of us.

On a personal note, Barry’s name is typically the first one I see when I check in on Slack or email in the morning. He’s likely been up for hours, has culled the news for the team and very often already written a story or seven. He keeps all of us at Search Engine Land on our toes as we try to keep up with him. And he does it all with a dry humor that is second to none.

Congratulations, Barry. To echo the folks at Aimclear and others, “Thanks for all you do!”

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