We get this question all the time. Does Google personalize results based on user IP location? The answer is: Yes, for a long time now. – And here’s the full explanation:

Google’s results come in this order:

  • Paid results (Adwords), typically 3 listings if any
  • Local Results (Google Business Listings, based on your IP), typically 3 listings
  • Google General Algorithm Results, typically 10 listings
  • Any Google Plus Mentions of your yours, or by anyone you follow on Google Plus
  • More Paid Results, typically 3 more listings if any

>> CUTTS: We have a question from Magico from London in the United Kingdom, “Google is currently showing local results for generic terms (such as ‘restaurants’) even when you don’t specify a town/city. Is Google going to start displaying different results based on the location of the IP (even when logged out)?” I wouldn’t be at all surprised because if we see something that we think is well served by a local result, for example, if someone types in “pizza,” they usually want somewhere nearby to buy pizza, you know. If someone types in “coffee,” they typically don’t want to know the history of coffee. They want to find a place where they can get a cup of coffee. And that’s useful whether you’re logged in or not logged out–or not logged in. So I don’t know what the current status of that is, but it wouldn’t surprise me at all if we said, “This is a query that we think is good for a local result.” You  know, if someone types in “movies” or “weather,” let’s go ahead and show the best guess that we can of what they want even if they’re not logged in.

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