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coming-in-wordpress-5-3-what-is-the-php-spread-operator Theme Builder Layout

Coming in WordPress 5.3: What is the PHP Spread Operator?

On October 9, Juliette Reinders Folmer announced on the core WordPress blog that WordPress 5.3 will use the spread operator. The spread operator was one of the new features made available in PHP 5.6, a version released in 2014. WordPress abandoned PHP 5.2 – 5.5 with...

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6-ways-to-add-css-to-divi Theme Builder Layout

6 Ways to Add CSS to Divi

Published FEB 11, 2018. Updated OCT 08, 2019 One of the most amazing things about using the Divi theme is that it comes with so many options for its users. From using the front end builder or the back end builder, to customizing modules with a plethora of options,...

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how-to-add-javascript-and-jquery-to-divi Theme Builder Layout

How to Add JavaScript and jQuery to Divi

Divi is a fantastic, versatile and robust theme framework for WordPress. While ‘out-of-the-box’, Divi provides an excellent website building solution, there may be some instances when users would like to add a little extra to their site. In the following post, we...

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how-to-add-a-ribbon-to-the-divi-module Theme Builder Layout

How to Add a Ribbon to the Divi Module

Everybody loves ribbons! And from a design standpoint, they can help convert website visitors into paying customers 🙂 Images are an easy way for people visiting your site to quickly scan and gain information. That’s what makes ribbons so powerful- they are a...

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15-best-adobe-indesign-tutorials-for-2019 Theme Builder Layout

15 Best Adobe InDesign Tutorials for 2019

The Adobe Creative Cloud is the industry standard for all things design and is the favorite layout design program for desktop publishing. With InDesign, you can create print and digital projects like magazines, books, brochures, and booklets.Some creative...

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how-to-create-a-call-to-action-button-in-the-divi-menu Theme Builder Layout

How to Create a Call to Action Button in the Divi Menu

One of the most important pieces of a successful conversion-driven website is the Call to Action button nested in the menu bar.  Menus work like a map for your website to give users the information they are seeking. It’s important to highlight the most important...

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how-to-build-a-functionality-plugin Theme Builder Layout

How To Build A Functionality Plugin

The one thing we’re not short on in the Divi interface, is places to put code. There are modules built specifically to house code, there are theme options for housing code, there are ‘Advanced’ panels everywhere for housing code that can be run theme, page or...

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how-to-add-font-awesome-to-divi Theme Builder Layout

How to Add Font Awesome to Divi

Font Awesome is the most popular icon toolkit on the web. With thousands of free and premium icons, it’s easy to why with they’re so popular. Fortunately, Font Awesome icons are easy to use with Divi. In this article, we’ll see just how easy it is to manually add Font...

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8-divi-button-designs-you-can-download-for-free Theme Builder Layout

8 Divi Button Designs You Can Download For Free

Buttons are important. They’re how users navigate around your site and they’re how you encourage all manner of actions, from ‘contact us’ to ‘buy now’. Button design can literally be the difference between a yes and a no from a potential client or customer, so with so...

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adding-custom-modules-to-divi Theme Builder Layout

Adding custom modules to Divi

Since writing this tutorial almost two years ago, a lot has changed and adding modules to Divi is, you’ll be glad to hear, much easier than it was once upon a time. This post has been updated to reflect what it takes to add modules to Divi 3.0 and upwards. This is a...

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how-to-duplicate-a-wordpress-page-quick-and-easy Theme Builder Layout

How to Duplicate a WordPress Page (Quick and Easy)

Duplicating an existing WordPress page or post is a great way to save time. We often already have a post with the format we want, such as headings, lists, tables, or other elements. Cloning those posts gives us a template so we don’t have to start from scratch every...

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voice-search-and-local-seo-how-to-get-started Theme Builder Layout

Voice search and local SEO: How to get started?

A guide to making local business websites the superstars of voice search. There were over a billion voice searches a month, as of January 2018 and 40% of those mobile searches had local intent. This strongly suggests that local SEO now requires optimizing for voice.

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how-to-create-unique-hover-overlaps-for-testimonials-with-divi Theme Builder Layout

How to Create Unique Hover Overlaps for Testimonials with Divi

Testimonials are a huge deal for many websites. They show expertise and visitors usually go looking for them if they want to figure out how credible a company or person is. That’s why it’s important to think about the way you visually present testimonials on your...

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how-to-create-redirects-with-wordpress Theme Builder Layout

How To Create Redirects With WordPress

There are several reasons you may need to create a redirect on your WordPress website. You may want to change your permalink structure, remove an old post or page, or create a new blog post to replace an old one. Whatever your reason, the best practice in these...

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how-to-set-up-shipping-and-or-taxes-in-divi-and-woocommerce Theme Builder Layout

How to Set Up Shipping and/or Taxes in Divi and WooCommerce

WooCommerce provides a high level of detail for most of its settings. Some of the most helpful features are the settings for shipping and taxes. The two settings work together automatically. You can set up lots of different defaults, allowing you to charge a different...

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