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google-my-business-discontinues-toll-free-phone-support Theme Builder Layout

Google My Business discontinues toll free phone support

One of the best parts of Google My Business was that you were able to dial a phone number and speak to someone at Google about your Google My Business listing. So if you had an issue with how your business was showing up in Google Search or Google Maps, someone at...

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new-serp-feature-truncates-title-tag-in-favor-of-location Theme Builder Layout

New SERP feature truncates title tag in favor of location

It seems Google is helping out local businesses… or is it? On Oct. 2, we spotted something new happening to title tags in Google UK search results – location names were being added to truncated title tags, despite these not being present in the original title tags....

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heres-how-to-set-up-the-google-site-kit-wordpress-plugin Theme Builder Layout

Here’s how to set up the Google Site Kit WordPress plugin

On Oct. 31, Google announced the launch of its Site Kit WordPress plugin that, “enables you to set up and configure key Google services, get insights on how people find and use your site, learn how to improve, and easily monetize your content.” This plugin allows you...

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which-seo-software-is-right-for-your-company Theme Builder Layout

Which SEO software is right for your company?

Over the years, Google’s search engine results page (SERP) has evolved from 10 simple blue links to a more dynamic view with Sponsored Ads at the top of the page, and more than 20 other SERP elements. While this makes the Google SERP more advertiser- and...

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duckduckgo-joins-world-wide-web-consortium Theme Builder Layout

DuckDuckGo joins World Wide Web Consortium

DuckDuckGo has joined the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C), the search engine announced on Monday. As a member of the international organization, DuckDuckGo says it will contribute to “global standards with privacy in mind as part of our mission to raise the standard...

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pro-tip-dont-add-new-services-reactively Theme Builder Layout

Pro Tip: Don’t add new services reactively

When a client asks to add a new service to their account, it’s usually an easy upsell… unless they’ve requested a service your agency doesn’t currently offer. That’s when many agency leaders fall into “panic” mode. Not wanting to lose the account, they automatically...

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uber-eats-readies-ad-sales-for-restaurants Theme Builder Layout

Uber Eats readies ad sales for restaurants

Ads are coming to Uber Eats. TechCrunch reported that Uber is seeking an executive to help develop and run a new ads business. Under pressure. This makes sense for several reasons. Restaurants have been conditioned by other ad platforms, including Google and Yelp, to...

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search-marketing-expo-is-next-week-will-i-see-you-there Theme Builder Layout

Search Marketing Expo is next week. Will I see you there?

Did you know? SMX East is happening next week — November 13-14 in New York City — and there’s still time to buy your ticket. This year’s agenda is the biggest one the Search Engine Land experts have ever created: 100+ search marketing sessions covering SEO, SEM, CRO,...

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