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T-Mobile Data Breach Exposes One Million Prepaid Accounts

T-Mobile has become the most recent telecom giant to announce a data breach affecting a large number of U.S. customers. As part of the T-Mobile data breach, more than one million prepaid service accounts were affected, which included names, addresses, phone numbers...

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Our Holiday Shopping Tips to Keep You Cybersafe

The holidays are almost here, and for many people that means shopping. Unfortunately, scammers and hackers are already standing by to take advantage of consumers through data breaches and fraudulent activity, increasing the importance of holiday shopping safety....

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What to Know About IOT and Smart Toys This Holiday Season

Every year, consumers are cautioned to be extra careful when selecting toys on their holiday shopping list. There was a time when shoppers mostly worried about broken, damaged or otherwise physically unsafe toys. Perhaps there was even some concern about...

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facebook-ten-year-challenge-raises-privacy-concerns Theme Builder Layout

Facebook Ten-Year Challenge Raises Privacy Concerns

If you are a fan of the Facebook ten-year challenge, you are probably excited about its recent comeback. As more people come to terms with the uncertainty surrounding social media use and privacy, many users are starting to take a more cautious approach to how and...

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10,000 Breaches Later: Top Five Education Data Breaches

According to the National Center for Education Statistics (NCES), about 56.6 million students are attending school this fall. The NCES also reports that there are 3.7 million teachers currently in the United States. That is over 60 million students and teachers...

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Hacked Disney+ Accounts Are Being Sold Online

One week after its launch, hacked Disney+ accounts are what is being discussed rather than the new video streaming service. A week ago, Disney launched a highly anticipated video streaming service, and hackers have already found a way to make a buck while ruining your...

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Three-Pronged Web Service Data Breach A Cause for Alarm

Three web services recently suffered a web service data breach in August. The news broke from Krebs On Security that users of Network Solutions, and may have received notice that an unauthorized user was able to gain access to certain important...

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virtual-reality-privacy-concerns Theme Builder Layout

Virtual Reality Privacy Concerns

If you had told someone even ten years ago that a criminal sitting on the other side of the world could steal their credit card information with a simple email, they might have written you off as a conspiracy theorist. Only a few decades ago, identity theft was not...

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Adobe Account Information Leaked After Server Left Unsecured

A lot of data breaches are the work of highly-skilled hackers who use technical know-how to infiltrate a company’s cyber defenses. Others are not so elaborate, such as when a low-level criminal sends a phishing email to a company employee, one that contains a virus...

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Can you handle this? New @IDTheftCenter social media

Can you handle this? 👑 🐝We’re excited to announce that we have switched our social media handles to @IDTheftCenter and we thought we’d drop the news like a Beyoncé album. Be sure to follow us on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram,...

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Be on the Lookout for 2020 Census Scams

The 2020 census is approaching next spring, and forms are already being compiled to be mailed to U.S. households. With any large political event or happening, scammers try to take advantage of the public and this could soon mean a rise in census scams.This important...

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new-venmo-scam-is-trying-to-give-you-money-not-take-it-away Theme Builder Layout

New Venmo Scam Is Trying to Give You Money, Not Take It Away

Individuals are reporting a new Venmo scam that tries to overpay you out of the blue but why would a scammer want to pay you? There is no limit to the creativity scammers can employ when they are trying to separate you from your money. Worse, as new technologies and...

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Domain Registration Scams!

Domain Registration Scams NEVER Seem to End! Always Look Twice Before Crossing The Streets of Domain Registry:  So, you reach into your mailbox and mixed in with all of your bills, magazines and assorted junk mail you notice a pretty authentic looking envelope from...

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Scam Alert: Website Backup Scam

We have received notification from a couple of clients that they have received the following invoice for Website Backup Services. This invoice is a Website Backup Scam! We do not outsource any backup services on your behalf, all backups are done by us. This invoice is...

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