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what-is-a-cover-letter-and-how-can-it-help-you-land-that-job Theme Builder Layout

What Is a Cover Letter? And How Can It Help You Land that Job?

Resumes lay out facts. They give prospective employers an idea of who you are through carefully chosen data points. Which is why they seldom tell the whole story. Another applicant might look better if you consider qualifications alone, but who you are also plays a...

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self-hosted-matrix-with-riot-team-chat-under-your-control Theme Builder Layout

Self-hosted Matrix with Riot: Team Chat Under Your Control

A common complaint regarding team chat apps like Slack, Discord, and Microsoft Teams is that your communication lives on someone else’s server. For those whom security is at the forefront of their list of needs, swapping to a team chat that isn’t entirely under...

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divi-layouts-for-photography-websites Theme Builder Layout

Divi Layouts for Photography Websites

Divi is an ideal theme to build any type of photography website. It has all of the tools and features a photography website would need regardless of the focus (snicker) of the site. With Divi’s modules, you can build a site to show your photos, skills, and your...

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openshot-the-open-source-video-editor-overview-and-review Theme Builder Layout

OpenShot, The Open Source Video Editor: Overview and Review

After taking OpenShotThe open-source video editor for a spin, I bring you an overview and review of its interface, tools, and possibilities.  For a free video editor, it seems pretty complete, but you’ll only know if it suits your needs if you try it out first....

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divi-design-showcase-new-submissions-from-november-2019 Theme Builder Layout

Divi Design Showcase: New Submissions from November 2019

It’s that time again for our monthly Divi Showcase, where we take a look at ten awesome Divi websites made by our community members. Each month we showcase the best Divi websites that were submitted from our community and today we want to share with you the top ten...

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how-to-create-successful-online-courses Theme Builder Layout

How to Create Successful Online Courses

Knowing how to create successful online courses is a content marketing strategy with lots of potential. All you need is knowledge about something you’re passionate about, an online presence and some time on your hands.Regardless of the size of your company, selling...

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how-to-create-an-animated-promo-bar-to-page-templates-in-divi Theme Builder Layout

How to Create an Animated Promo Bar to Page Templates in Divi

Creating an animated promo bar for your page template in Divi can be a great way to advertise products and deals in style without having to rely on a plugin. Using Divi’s powerful design features, you can build the promo bar visually when editing a template in Divi’s...

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how-to-easily-change-the-author-in-wordpress Theme Builder Layout

How to Easily Change the Author in WordPress

There are a number of times when you may want to change the author of a WordPress post. For example, if you have a ghostwriter (or several), the original author won’t be the person who you want a post published under. If you have a content hub with a lot of writers,...

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how-to-serve-webp-images-instead-of-jpg-or-png-with-wordpress Theme Builder Layout

How to Serve WebP Images instead of JPG or PNG with WordPress

Google sits at the top of the internet food chain. The company influences (or dictates) a lot of what happens online. And their new image format, WebP, continues that trend. With page load speed being increasingly important (primarily because of Google Page Rank),...

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how-to-update-your-divi-theme-wordpress-and-plugins-safely Theme Builder Layout

How to Update Your Divi Theme, WordPress, and Plugins Safely

There have been a lot of updates lately for Divi, WordPress, and plugins. There’s almost always updates to themes and plugins when WordPress updates and it can sometimes take time for all of the updates to work together smoothly. The number of variables with all of...

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4-elements-of-a-successful-promotional-video Theme Builder Layout

4 Elements of a Successful Promotional Video

Promotional videos are nothing new. Television ads have been running since the early 1940s. The format and delivery channels might have changed, but this marketing technique is still all about brand awareness and sales. If you incorporate the right elements, you can...

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movable-type-vs-wordpress-in-2019-a-detailed-comparison Theme Builder Layout

Movable Type vs WordPress in 2019: A Detailed Comparison

WordPress has evolved a lot since its early days. The last two years, in particular, have brought massive changes including the Block Editor. Other platforms, such as Movable Type, have stuck to their roots of accessibility and ease of use for bloggers. With that in...

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13-industrial-child-themes-for-divi Theme Builder Layout

13 Industrial Child Themes for Divi

Industrial websites are technology-based and include lots of science and engineering and can include anything from manufacturing robots to building a home. Divi is a great choice for building industrial websites because everything you need to show services, projects,...

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cartflows-an-overview-and-review Theme Builder Layout

CartFlows: An Overview and Review

With the right tools, you can easily transform your WordPress website into an online store. The problem is, most e-commerce plugins focus on enabling you to make sales rather than optimizing the entire conversion process. That means you could be leaving money on the...

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