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5-ways-toxic-clients-kill-productivity-and-steal-your-time Theme Builder Layout

5 Ways Toxic Clients Kill Productivity and Steal Your Time

As business owners, three of the most important things we need to master early on are getting clients, productivity, and protecting our time. But what happens to our time and productivity when we get a client who turns out to be toxic?Toxic client relationships are...

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revealing-1000000-in-free-black-friday-prizes-and-more Theme Builder Layout

Revealing $1,000,000 In Free Black Friday Prizes (And More)

200 lucky customers who upgrade their accounts on Black Friday will also get a completely FREE copy of the Divi Space Courses Bundle. Want to master Divi? Learn from the masters at Divi Space using their super-informative Divi courses! View The Countdown 200 lucky...

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a-guide-to-using-sidebars-with-the-divi-theme-builder Theme Builder Layout

A Guide to Using Sidebars with the Divi Theme builder

Sidebars can be a crucial asset to any website. Divi facilitates the creation of sidebars by giving developers the power to design completely custom sidebars for post or page templates using the Divi Theme Builder. Once Divi users choose a column structure with...

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how-to-create-a-search-results-page-template-in-divi Theme Builder Layout

How to Create a Search Results Page Template in Divi

We’ve all grown accustomed to using search forms to find what we need on a website. So, when creating a website in Divi, we really need to consider the design of the page results template that will drive the look and feel of those search results.In this tutorial, we...

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divi-fonts-list-and-typography-rules Theme Builder Layout

Divi Fonts List and Typography Rules

Typography is one of the most important design elements of any website. The right choices can draw a reader in, help keep their attention, and lead them through your call to action. The wrong choices can send them running as soon as your page loads, give them the...

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kinemaster-mobile-video-editor-an-overview-and-review Theme Builder Layout

KineMaster Mobile Video Editor: An Overview and Review

Being able to create and edit videos on the go is one of those things that don’t surprise us anymore. What does surprise us though, is the range of tools that let you do it well. Video is a large part of digital marketing and no business of any size can get around it....

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how-to-create-a-404-page-template-with-divis-theme-builder Theme Builder Layout

How to Create a 404 Page Template with Divi’s Theme Builder

Divi’s Theme Builder and the built-in design options have opened a ton of new doors. More than ever before, you’re now able to customize every single page your customers land on. This includes setting up a 404 page. In this tutorial, we’ll show you how to create a...

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how-to-land-your-next-client-with-a-well-designed-proposal Theme Builder Layout

How To Land Your Next Client With a Well Designed Proposal

Closing a new project usually depends on how you present yourself and your work. One of the most influential moments with a new prospect is when they receive your proposal. It can be a make-or-break moment. When your proposal creates a positive impression with the...

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8-divi-layouts-for-bakeries Theme Builder Layout

8 Divi Layouts for Bakeries

Divi is a great choice for creating any type of website for the food industry. One that I find interesting is bakeries. Bakeries are a little unique in the food genre. They not only have food menus like most restaurants, they often provide specialized services for...

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divi-theme-builder-overview Theme Builder Layout

Divi Theme Builder Overview

The Divi Theme Builder is the update that Divi users have been waiting for. This is a new Divi feature that makes it easy to create headers, footers, and page layouts and apply them to any page or post type. Even though it uses the Divi Builder system, it’s different...

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20-best-free-block-letter-fonts Theme Builder Layout

20+ Best Free Block Letter Fonts

Typography is a critical element of design, impacting both aesthetics and accessibility. When designing an ad, header or signage, you need a font that’s eye-catching and that will immediately create a hierarchy. Block fonts are fitting for key graphic areas where copy...

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