Brightcove introduces B2B streaming tool CorpTV

Oct 8, 2021 | Social Media Marketing SMM News

This week, video technology company Brightcove introduced a new tool, Brightcove CorpTV, that aims at providing a platform to B2B marketers looking to launch Netflix-style streaming content.

By building out a streaming channel with CorpTV, businesses will be able to release content that can be seen on smart TVs, mobile and other connected devices. The CorpTV platform also allows the streamer to monetize premium content, gain sponsorships and even sell ad time. CorpTV allows businesses to keep all of their video content in a single place and measure the viewership of their content.

External and internal audiences. All streaming channels will begin with a CorpTV experience that includes a video gallery where viewers can choose what branded stories, case studies, TV shows or other content they want to watch. According to Brightcove, businesses can also use the platform for internal use for employee audiences.

As part of the launch, Brightcove has also released their own corporate channel, the Brightcove PLAY TV app, using the CorpTV technology.

Why we care. As we started to see in 3Q, branded B2B streaming channels are becoming a thing. Streaming technology lowers the barrier to entry for TV-style broadcasting, and businesses like Salesforce are stepping up with high production value and regular shows to stream on their Salesforce+ app.

It’s still too early to tell how much this supposedly deeper engagement will catch on with business audiences. Will they watch a Salesforce-hosted show at night instead of Ted Lasso? The streaming video strategy, however, is attractive to other B2B marketers who want in with their own channel. And Brightcove is wise to meet this growing demand with CorpTV.

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