Bing Ads launches the ability to create recurring IOs

October 31, 2018
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Recurring insertion orders are now available for Bing Ads advertisers.

If you use insertion order billing in your Bing Ads account, a new update will help ensure your campaigns keep running.

With Bing Ads’ new recurring insertion orders feature, advertisers can create a series of insertion orders that will automatically renew based on the set frequency.

How it works. To set up a recurring insertion order, go to the Accounts & Billing page in your Bing Ads account. Then click on the insertion orders tab on the far right. When you choose the Create order option, you’ll see Recurring insertion order in the dropdown.

Give the recurring insertion order series a name to quickly identify the IO grouping.

Recurring IOs can be scheduled with a frequency of monthly, bimonthly, quarterly or yearly and include an end date if needed.

There are optional areas to input the purchase order, order name and any notes about the series.

You’re able to edit recurring IOs and also still manage individual IOs.

Why it matters. Let’s face it, it can be easy to overlook IO renewals and discover your campaigns haven’t been running. This is a handy, unique offering that will help advertisers who use IO billing to manage the process without having to regularly set reminders to re-up their orders. The notes feature  also allows campaign management, finance teams and other stakeholders to capture all the necessary details so everyone is on the same page.

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