bing-ads-save-share-reports-e1536609676344-800x430 Bing Ads enhances Overview tab, makes it easier to save, share reports

Bing Ads is making several reporting updates for the web interface that are aimed at making it easier for advertisers to analyze their account performance.

Share and save reports from Campaign and Account Summary pages

First is the option to save, schedule and share reports you create from the Campaign page and Account Summary page, as shown in the screen shot above.

When you opt to download a campaign or account summary report, the download window now includes options to email a report to specific people at a regular frequency, such as daily, weekly or monthly. Users can then save their reports, all of which can be found under a new “Saved Campaign Reports” menu item in the left navigation in the Bing Ads interface.

Overview tab updates include ability to take action

New visuals in the Overview tab — available at the account and campaign levels — include top changes, keywords and “what people searched” tiles.

The top changes tile shows campaign data at the account summary level and ad group data at the campaign level. You can filter the chart to show biggest gainers, decliners or both and chose one of 10 metrics available.

From the “what people searched” tile, advertisers can see and sort search query performance data by spend, clicks and impressions. What’s even more helpful is that users can add or exclude queries right from the tile.

bing-ads-overview-what-people-searched-for-800x477 Bing Ads enhances Overview tab, makes it easier to save, share reportsFinally, the devices tile in the Overview report has an updated visualization and support for period-over-period comparisons.

Bing says it will continue to build out the Overview tab with more visualizations.

These features appear to still be rolling out, so you may not see them quite yet in your accounts.

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