Automatic WordPress Backups – The Best Way to Backup Your WordPress Site

January 14, 2019

Automatic WordPress Backups are fast gaining importance with the increase in the number of attacks on WordPress sites every year. The need to back up your data is greater than ever before and the WordPress backup mechanism that you choose will largely depend on your site.

Factors like the amount of data stored and frequency of updates to the site play a vital role in deciphering the perfect backup solution for you. While manual backup suits small sites or WordPress blog, it is error-prone and cumbersome, with a high probability of being neglected. As backup have a direct impact on the daily working of your business, you should have a system in place that requires you to spend much time on it. An automatic backup solution that is easy and quick to set up, and involve constant monitoring from the users is the perfect fit in this case. BlogVault is one of the best backup and restore plugins for WordPress that does all of this and more.

Scheduled Automatic WordPress Backups

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The backup schedule is possibly the most important part of a backup solution. Majority of the sites undergo frequent changes and hence need a dedicated backup schedule in order to ensure complete protection of data. Different backup solutions offer varying choices of schedule – daily backups, weekly, and monthly. When in doubt, it is best to go with a daily, automatic backup. That way if your entire site is attacked, you can at most lose a day’s work. BlogVault, backups and restore plugin performs daily, automatic backups and maintains up to 30 days of backup at any point in time. Furthermore, you can also set the exact time when you want to back up to be scheduled.

Time to Run

In today’s world where time is of great value, can backups be any different? Your backup solution must be the one that is quick to complete with no obvious load on the server. Although this may not seem like an issue for smaller sites, it can be big deal to the larger ones that span many GBs in size. Most backup WordPress plugin fails when it comes to backing up large sites, some even leading to crashes.

BlogVault’s pro version or paid versions work perfectly with large sites by adopting the incremental backup method. After performing a complete backup of your site the very first time, it intelligently backs up just the changed portions of the site in subsequent backups. This approach makes backing up really fast and eliminates the loading of your server.

Backup Storage

It is important to take regular backup or database backup of your data and even more so to ensure that your backups are safe and secure. Many backup plugin for WordPress store your backup files on the same server that hosts your site. This can be disastrous because a server crash will not only take down your site but all your backups too. It is critical that your backups are always independent of your site. There are multiple offsite storage options available today like Amazon S3, Google Drive Dropbox, and Rackspace that offer storage as well as protection for your data. Opting for a backup solution that uses offsite storage for backups is a must. Apart from this is the amount of storage space and backup management. You need to have ample amount of space to store multiple backups and also be able to manage them without any hassles.

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BlogVault is the only popular WordPress backup solution that satisfies all of the above conditions. It safeguards your data by providing you with the best possible protection for your WordPress backup. It stores multiple copies of your backup on its own independent servers as well as Amazon S3 servers. A total of 9 copies are maintained for every version of your backup thus ensuring the best possible redundancy. Moreover, BlogVault’s dashboard lets you manage everything about your backups from a single place. You can restore, download, migrate, view history and lots more using the crisp and clear interface.

Auto Restore

A backup is only as good as its restore. After all, isn’t that why we do the backup in the first place? The backup solution must provide an easy way to restoring your WordPress backup when needed. Imagine having to rummage through a list of backups, picking the right one, and importing it onto the server in the middle of a site outage. Going through such a traumatizing experience completely defeats the purpose of putting a backup system in place, isn’t it?

BlogVault provides the auto restore feature that will restore your site back to its full glory in a matter of minutes, with hardly any intervention from your end. You can choose any backup from the archive and BlogVault will import it to your server without any hiccups.
Test Restore

Imagine one fine morning you discover that your website or online store is hacked. But you don’t panic because you have backups of the blog post that you can rely on. But the problem is which backup should you restore. How do you know which back up is clean and which one is corrupted? If you can figure out when your site was hacked, you can pull out a backup from before that time and restore it. But learning when exactly was your site hacked is tough. This is where a test restore comes in. Testing the backups before restoring enables you to find a clean backup and then restore it on your WordPress websites.

Completely Independent Dashboard

In the worst case scenario, backups give you an option to fall back. But if the backups are stored in on your website, then you can’t access them. Having independent dashboard enables users to access the backups when the website is down. BlogVault not only provides independent dashboard but also offers multiple encrypted copies that are stored in secured data centres.

Sometimes WordPress hosting providers keep backups on their own server but this too faces the same challenges. When the web host goes down for whatever reason, you won’t be able to access your website and that defeats the entire purpose of taking backups in the first place.

Multiple Encrypted Backups

While taking backups are important, it’s also important to keep the actual backup website files safe and sound. Keep a number of backup versions in various places that way your backups are going to be kept safe. One can keep the copies or backup to remote storage, from Google Drive to cloud storage services like Dropbox. Or one can also keep backups on one’s computer by downloading it.

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Using Reliable WordPress Backup Plugins

Besides backups, BlogVault also offers backups and security features depending on the plan. If you own a WordPress site, then automatic backups are a must for you. Good backup tools will go a long way in giving you the much-needed assurance that your precious data is 100% safe from evil doers. It’ll backup your website with all your site files or WordPress files or WordPress installation, or media files, plugins themes from your website. Click here to start backing up your site right away to keep your site safe and data safe!

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