Amazon has introduced new metrics that capture insights on new customers that converted from seller’s ad campaigns.

The “new-to-brand” metrics are available for Sponsored Brands ad campaigns — the search-triggered ads that showcase several products and formerly called headline search ads — as well as video and display ads.

Why you should care

The segment includes ad-converting customers that purchased a brand’s products on Amazon for the first time in the past 12 months. The set of metrics includes new-to-brand purchases, new-to-brand purchase rate and cost per new customer.

Being able to segment and analyze how well — and efficiently — these branding-oriented campaign types convert new customers will give advertisers a clearer view into which formats and channels work best to achieve their acquisition and customer loyalty goals.

More about the news

  • The metrics are only available for conversions that occur on Amazon.
  • The ability to see new customer acquisition metrics isn’t all that momentous on its own, but this addition is part of a series of updates Amazon has been making to its advertising platform.
  • Video and display campaigns run across, Amazon owned and operated properties such as IMDB, Amazon devices and third-party sites that are part of Amazon’s ad network.

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This article originally appeared on Marketing Land.

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