usability-197x168 5 Steps: How To Check Your Website UsabilityAre you dissatisfied with the performance of your website?

Maybe it’s time to take another close look at your web pages. Look at your website with the eyes of an uninterested third party. Step back and take a neutral look on your website:

improvement 5 Steps: How To Check Your Website Usability

Check 1: Are your web pages fast enough?

  • Does your website load fast or do you have to wait for the pages? Slow loading web pages keep customers away. Only use third party plugins if they are really necessary and use asynchronous JavaScript code whenever possible.

Check 2: What is your website about?

  • Your website visitors should see at a glance what your website is about. Come straight to the point. Tell your website visitors what they will get on your website.

Check 3: Do your web pages look good and up-to-date?

  • The first impression is very important. Does your website look like the website of a professional business or does it look as if it has been coded by your nephew in 1999? Is it easy to see that your pages are regularly updated?

Check 4: Do your visitors get lost on your site?

  • A good website navigation is very important. The usability of your website can influence your search engine rankings. Show your website visitors on which page they are and which options they have.

Check 5: Do you offer compelling content?

  • The content of your web pages should be interesting, informative and error-free. Focus on your website visitors. Replace all sentences that start with “We” with sentences that start with “You.”
  • Answer the visitor’s question “What’s in it for me?” as clearly as possible. Each page should have a clear call to action.

The things above are the first things that you should check if your website does not perform as expected. If you want to know more you may consider a Website Usability Test, this is a great way to get feedback from a variety of users rating your website on over 25 criteria.

Here are some of our favorite tools for checking your website:

Pingdom Speed Test Google Mobile Friendly Test


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