10 Best Divi Child Themes for Construction Companies

September 12, 2019

Construction companies are some of the most popular service websites on the web. Like any type of service business, they need a great website to show their services and examples of their work. The Divi marketplace contains child themes for just about any genre you can imagine, including those for construction companies and contractors.

In this article, we’ll take a look at the 10 best Divi Child themes for contractors and construction companies. They’re in no particular order.

1. Easyfix

10-best-divi-child-themes-for-construction-companies Theme Builder Layout

Easyfix was designed for contractors, renovators, plumbers, roofing companies, and landscapers. It comes with 9 pages including pages to show your services, reviews, FAQs, and examples of your projects. It has a custom header and footer made with Divi modules.

  • 9 main pages
  • Custom header
  • Custom footer
  • Project page
  • Category page
  • Blog page
  • 404 page
  • Animations
  • Hover effects

2. Renovation

10-best-divi-child-themes-for-construction-companies-1 Theme Builder Layout

Renovation was designed with contractors, remodelers, landscapers, plumbers, and roofing companies in mind. It has 8 main pages including a page to show your services, testimonials, and your projects. It has a CTA in the header. Add Divi modules to the custom header and footer.

  • 8 main pages
  • Custom global header
  • Custom global footer
  • CTA in header
  • Blog page
  • Search result page
  • Custom 404 page
  • Animations
  • Hover effects

3. Divi Handyman

10-best-divi-child-themes-for-construction-companies-2 Theme Builder Layout

Divi Handyman has over 65 pages and sections made with any type of home repair service in mind. It includes lots of pages to show your services, examples of your work, testimonials, and your clients. It also includes pre-loaders, mobile menus, back-to-top buttons, custom theme options, timelines, and lots more.

  • 65+ pages and sections
  • Custom theme options
  • Mobile menu
  • 26 pre-loaders
  • Back-to-top buttons
  • 404 page with a customization option

4. Divi Paving

10-best-divi-child-themes-for-construction-companies-3 Theme Builder Layout

Divi Paving was designed for contractors and paving companies. It comes with 5 main pages including a page to show your services. It also includes a CTA in the menu, a custom back-to-top button, and lots of animations.

  • 5 main pages
  • CTA in the menu
  • Custom blog
  • Click-to-call buttons
  • Hover effects
  • Animations

5. Compass

10-best-divi-child-themes-for-construction-companies-4 Theme Builder Layout

Compass was designed with custom home builders in mind. It comes with 4 main pages including a page that can be used multiple times to show individual services. It also includes a customizable 404 page.

  • 4 main pages
  • Custom Services page
  • 404 page

6. Construction

10-best-divi-child-themes-for-construction-companies-5 Theme Builder Layout

Divi Construction was designed for construction companies, renovators, architects, and anyone offering building services. It comes with 10 pages including pages to show your services and examples of your work. Also included are back-to-top buttons, mobile menu styles, pre-loaders, particle effects, and a feature to change colors with one click.

  • 10 pages
  • Custom primary menu
  • 4 mobile menus
  • One-click color customizations
  • 7 Back to top buttons
  • 15 animated pre-loaders
  • Particles
  • Hover and animation effects
  • 404 page

7. Plumber

10-best-divi-child-themes-for-construction-companies-6 Theme Builder Layout

Plumber was made specifically for construction services including plumbing, home inspections, electrical, carpentry, etc. It comes with 6 main pages including pages to show your services and a project page to show examples of your work. Free images are included and it even includes a free plugin for the sticky menu.

  • 6 main pages
  • Plugin for a sticky menu
  • Custom mobile menu
  • Divi Builder custom footer
  • Divi Builder 404 page
  • Free images from Pexels.com and Pixabay.com

8. Vida

10-best-divi-child-themes-for-construction-companies-7 Theme Builder Layout

VIDA was designed for construction companies and comes with 5 pages, which includes a service page and a projects page. It has a uniquely styled parallax background. The sections have lots of CTAs to build your dream home or commercial project. Projects are shown with tabs.

  • 5 main pages
  • Full-screen header
  • Parallax background
  • Styled back-to-top button
  • Lots of styled modules

9. Contractorz

10-best-divi-child-themes-for-construction-companies-8 Theme Builder Layout

Contractorz was designed for home improvement companies. It comes with 5 main pages and includes a CTA in the menu along with an image of a tape measure. Pages include Services and Projects to show the type of work you provide and examples of your favorite projects. Styling is added with custom CSS. Images are included.

  • 5 main pages
  • Custom header
  • Custom CSS elements
  • Royalty-free images

10. Divi Carpenter

10-best-divi-child-themes-for-construction-companies-9 Theme Builder Layout

DIVI Carpenter was designed with all type of carpentry services in mind including handyman, repairs, and more. It has 6 main pages and includes pages to show your services and examples of your work. A custom menu shows a tape measure in the background and includes a clickable call CTA. Other features include a pre-loader, back-to-top button, mobile menus, and a color customizer.

  • 6 main pages
  • Custom mobile menu
  • 26 + pre-loaders
  • Custom back-to-top buttons
  • Animations and hover effects
  • One-click color customization
  • 404 page with customization options

Ending Thoughts

That’s our look at the 10 best Divi child themes for construction companies. They include lots of pages to show your services and individual pages for each service. They also include project pages to show off your work to potential clients. Some show client logos, while others include free plugins or code to add new features.

Construction is a popular topic for Divi child themes. There are many more child themes for construction companies in our construction and contractors category. I’m sure you’ll find something to get you started on your next Divi project from this list, but it not, then be sure to check the marketplace for even more choices.

Have you tried these Divi child themes for construction companies? Let us know what you think about them in the comments below.


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